Tips on wearing false eyelashes


Highlighting your eyelashes can give you that flirty look. Great eyelashes stand out and work wonders for your face. If you are not among those gifted women with beautiful and thick eyelashes, you do not need to worry or feel sorry. You can get the same beautiful look with the help of fake eyelashes.

These false eyelashes look wonderful and you can get them anywhere, in all kinds of varieties to suit your taste. You can wear them at parties and enhance your eyes greatly. You can even dress up in a costume and wear them for an added effect. Their use is versatile, so you can choose them according to your needs.

It is really not a very hard thing to apply false eyelashes. However, you need to keep in mind a few things to do it the right way. After all, you do not want them to look weird or come off in the middle of a party. Here are a few tips on how to apply your fake lashes and also how to remove them.

Apply them to the right place

The right place to apply your lashes is the skin just above your natural eyelashes. You should take care that you do not apply the fake ones on your natural eyelashes. If you do apply them accidentally, then carefully remove them as soon as possible so that they do not stick there, otherwise you might end up losing your natural lashes while removing them. Therefore, take care when you do so.

Start at the inside of the eye

You should always start applying them from the inside of the eye to the outside. This will ensure that your false eyelashes do not get stuck on your real ones.

Wet the skin before removing them

You should first apply some eye makeup remover to the skin where the false eyelashes are stuck. This will wet the skin and hence you will not have to endure much pain when you detach them from your skin.

If you do not want to use eye makeup remover, then you can always opt for some warm water. It will have the same effect.

Be gentle

You do not need to pull off your fake eyelashes like you would pull off a wax strip. You need to do it slowly and gently. The skin is moist and wet and hence, the glue also will start to detach slowly. Remember, your eyes are the most delicate part and so you should be gentle when working around them.

Do not go cheap

Do not try to compromise quality over the price. Always ensure that you are buying good quality eyelashes.