Tips on Using Concealer


concealer A concealer is a very integral part of your makeup kit. Used rightly, this cosmetic product can be used as a great makeup tool. This article talks to you about how to use the concealer effective and efficiently.

A concealer is not similar to the foundation in its application. Unlike the foundation, the concealer is used only for specific sections of the face and neck.

This is used only in areas where the color of the skin differs from the rest, especially in areas around the nose, chin, and neck. The tone of the skin generally differs in areas where you have acne or pimples.

A concealer can help you conceal them and also your birthmarks. It is not necessary for everyone to use concealer because some people are blessed with an even skin tone.

The concealer is a cosmetic product that needs to be used to conceal the spots before using the foundation evenly over the face. Using a foundation over the concealer helps mask the fact that you have used the concealer.

You have to first cleanse your face and then moisten it before using the concealer.

The benefit of a concealer is that it helps to hide the flaws in your skin and color. This product is a blessing for people who have an uneven skin tone and certain areas which are a plight to see.

When using the concealer for areas under the eyes, for pimples and blemishes, use your finger or a good makeup brush. For applying the concealer, take a little of it on your hand, use a brush or a sponge and then gently cover the areas where the blemishes are found.

Remember not to overuse it because you still have to use the foundation!
If you have multiple concealers, then you can try blending those concealers to give an optimal shade, which can be then applied over areas where it is needed.

Another, very important point to keep in mind is that you need to let the concealer dry at least for a minute before applying the foundation over it. This helps your concealer to work both effectively and efficiently.