Tips On Step Parenting

Parenting step children

Parenting step children When it comes to parenting children maybe nobody knows what could be the best path to follow. Step Parenting comes with even more ruckus. One small mistake and it might ruin all the essence of the relationship.

The Step Parenting is not a job which demands authority or strictness but is the delicate relationship that demands as much love as one can give. The reason being that in Step Parenting the parent and children do not even know each other in most of the cases which results in ideology clashes between them and results are not pleasing at all.

Due to loss of the parent it might be very much possible that involvement of Step Parent in family is seen as trying to take place of Ex-parent by the child which leads to the feeling of being cheated. The widening communication gap leads to disastrous results like step children deciding to move on separately, goes into state of loneliness and in extremities even commit suicide.

So how can this all be sorted out? Like normal parenting even the Step Parenting does not comes with magic tricks to work it the way one wants. But by keeping few points in mind the problems can definitely be handled effectively and the relation can become harmonious. Here are 6 effective Step Parenting skills which can prove to be useful while handling problems while Step Parenting:

Parenting Tips For Step Parenting

Be Genuine

Step Parenting should not be fake and unwilling. This was the decision one must have taken before joining the family. Once married accept the child as your own and make him/her feel as comfortable and loved as your child would have felt.

Prior Notice And Meetings

Parenting step parenting

It is really important that the child knows and meets the person who is going to be his/her Step Parent. The feeling that the Step Parent is there to fill place of Ex-parent has to be removed from child’s mind. This can be done if the parent tries to have a talk with the child beforehand that Step Parent is coming only to comfort and take care of him/her.

Patience Is The Key

It should be understood by the Step Parent that recovery from loss of a parent and moreover an emotional bond is not a matter of days. Step Parent should have loads of patience and the child should not be forced to adapt the changes immediately.

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Give Love To Find Love

Parenting step children

To win child’s confidence and belief love should be the essence of the bond. Do not try to enforce the values and ideas on the child. Step Parenting can only be successful with proper care and affection being shown without any selfish motive.

Be A Good Listener

The most common reason for unsuccessful Step Parenting is the belief of child that his/her all ideas are being opposed or he/she is not being listened to. Listen to what he/she has to say and discuss the matters in details with him/her. Make him/her feel as if his/her views are equally important and valued in decision making.

Plant Your Own Ideas

A Step Parent should not try to uproot the previous values or ideas or trends set by the Ex-Parent but should try to accept them and should try to find spaces in between to incorporate his/her ideas.

In short it can be concluded that Step Parenting can be wonderful experience if it is taken as normal parenting of your own kinds. Be critic about his/her mistakes and not of him/her. The motto is “LOVE FOR LOVE.”