Tips on Communicating With Your Teen

Communicating with Teen

Communication is essential in every relationship to lay a strong foundation and overcome problems that arise due to misunderstandings. Communicating with teenagers is a difficult task as teenagers tend to overact and misjudge your intentions. However, as a parent it is of utmost importance to understand your teen and talk to them before they become rebellious.

The first advice to communicate with teens is to maintain a regular routine of communication. Even if your teen does not seem to be listening, try to strike a conversation and engage him in it. Try to find out their likes and dislikes, their interest areas and their life at school. Be genuine while talking to them. Teens are intuitive and are bound to notice your underlying intentions.

Invest time in your teens. Your work schedule may keep you busy but spending time with your children should be your priority. Show them you care by being with them whenever they are in need of an elder. Support them during the ups and downs by consoling and advising them. Go for a vacation or take them out for a dinner.  At the same time, do not hover above them like a cloud. Give them some space and privacy.

Tell your teens that you have faith in their capabilities. Allow them opportunities to take certain decisions for themselves. Encourage them for their accomplishments. Don’t be an over protective parent and order your teen in front of your friends. However be straightforward and set limits for acceptable behavior. If you are unhappy with a certain habit or some friend of your teen, tell him why you think it is wrong. Nonetheless, respect their opinion. Allow them a say in the matters concerning their life.

If you suspect your teen to be involved in a relationship, have a sex talk with him. Explain about pregnancy, precaution and communicable diseases. If you feel uncomfortable to discuss these things with your teen, give them leaflets on precautionary measures to them to read.  In case you notice signs of depression or aggressive behavior in your teen, consult a medical professional for help.

Teenage is the most difficult time for both the child and the parents. Any rifts between parents and children in their teenage can last for a very long time. The best way to establish a loving and understanding relationship with your teen is to communicate with them.