Tips For Summer Make Up

Tips For Summer Make Up

Tips For Summer Make Up

Indian climate doesn’t suit for heavy and thick foundation make up during hot season. So you must know how to do make up in this hot summer. Here are few tips that you should follow step by step. You must begin with the flawless base whenever you do make up.

The ideal way to do make up is to go for cleansing and toning first and then moisturize your skin for fresh and glowing skin. Now dab on foundation with clean fingers and blend it smoothly. Don’t leave any patch of foundation on the skin. Don’t start your second stage before foundation is fully settled and dried.


Now start your step two with huge powder brush and dip it into loose powder. Dust off the excess powder and then gently and lightly put on your face for ideal make base. See that your base is ready for the third make up application.

nude shade for your lips

Go for blusher for summer glowing. Apply especially on cheeks, nose, chin and forehead.  Now pick up the rose or you can go for nude shade for your lips. You must remember that make up is incomplete without your lips make up. However, you also should know that lips colour should not be too much contrast.

eye shadow

Finally your eyes, in order to achieve smoky eyes you need black kohl pencil. Along with this mascara is important to give you lustrous eyelashes and eyes shadows as well. For this make you need brown eye shadow since here we are talking about the summer make up. Dark eye shadow in coffee colour will suit and also gold bronze shades. Now put the main eye shadow over the entire eyelid and then your dark eye shadow in the crease of your eyelid. Third step is to put gold bronze eye shadow over the centre of eye lid.


Take your kohl pencil to line upper and lower lashes. With the help of brush now blend the eye make up for complete summer make up. You must apply 3 coats of mascara in the last stage. Now you are ready for summer make up.