Tips for healthy hair


healthyhair It is the dream of every woman to have lovely shiny hair. With the tips below, almost everyone can have healthy hair.

Hair loss is common post partum, or due to health issues like thyroid, chemotherapy, and fungal infections. While medication and treatments cause hair loss in some cases, for most people healthy hair can be achieved with regular care.


Regular exercise reduces stress levels and as a result inhibits hair loss. It is essential to ensure that one does not consume Vitamin A in large quantities as it leads to hair loss.

Hair needs to be treated gently without frequent treatments with coloring and curling and straightening. It is recommended to run a warm water bath for the hair and to rinse it off finally with cold water.

Care should be taken to remove all shampoo residues. A good conditioner will help to retain volume and softness. There are several conditioners just available off your kitchen shelf like lemon and curd.

Hair treatment

It is essential to treat hair without pulling and stretching. For instance, the hair dryer must be set at its lowest setting; else, it could damage the hair roots.

Also, do not comb wet hair- let it air dry. Try to use clips instead of rubber bands that tug at the hair roots. Hair treatments are to be kept to the basic minimum to avoid hair shaft and cuticle damage.

Regular hair massage with warm oil – coconut, almond or olive oil, will help nourish the hair and improve blood circulation to the roots, thereby promoting hair growth. Massage followed by steaming with a hot towel will result in shiny beautiful hair.


Apart from all these treatments, it is essential to eat a balanced diet. Regular intake of fresh vegetables and fruits along with mineral and vitamin supplements will promote healthy hair.

Plenty of water, zinc supplements, and Vitamin B are particularly useful for this. All the above tips, coupled with regular exercise to improve blood circulation will ensure that you have hair that will warrant admiring looks from others!