Tips for dry hair


Rough, brittle and unmanageable and getting pissed off every day because it consumes extra time. You get late to catch up with your daily routines. If you have long hair, it takes more than that. Dry hair tends to be thinning and prone to tangles, breakage and split ends.

There is a solution for everything on earth. Don’t get affected by this simple problem. Look out how to solve the problem. You just need that extra –care to reduce that extra time consumption by taking proper care. Your hair needs oil and moisture. Due to lose of these two elements hair become drier.
You shouldn’t use strong action shampoo rather you should avoid it, if you have dry hair. This will aggravate the problem. Dryness is promoted if you are into strong cleansing routine and dry toning exercises and massaging of the scalp. Avoid them if you want to get back good hair quality.
Take some home remedies which will benefit your hair. They are available in the specific shops or you could go for these procedures.

Start with egg in skimmed milk, beat it in a cup. Apply the foam in the scalp and rub it gently. After leaving it for 5 minutes rinse off with a mild shampoo or simple water. Do this twice in a week. Coconut milk and two table spoons of gram flour or shikakai and mix them and apply on your scalp. Follow the same procedure for washing given in the above lines.

Protein conditioner. Take a table spoon of caster oil, one tbsp of glycerin, cide vinegar and a protein, a mild herbal shampoo. Mix them well and apply it on scalp and after leaving it for 20 minutes wash it with water. If you are not happy with treatments you can go for a special massage oil or toner. This is sure to provide you good result.