Three Relationship Factors: Handle Efficiently For Happy Married Life

relationship factors

For long lasting married life there are many things which both of the partners have to contribute from their end in order to make the relationship complete and to maintain the happiness forever.

In a research it has been found that in 10% divorce cases money is the main reason. Another common factor is when wife earns more than her husband clashes take place at home and some time lead to breakup.

Money: The main cause of tension and differences between partners is money, because different people perceive the money in different way. For some people money is security and reason to augment the love and for some it is power or control.

How to handle: It is very necessary for a couple to balance the monetary contribution in their married life and accountabilities. Even if wife is earning more she should contribute as equally as husband is contributing in home. Rest of the money she can either save or keep for personal expense.

Husband and wife mutually take decision to spend and invest the money.It is advisable to keep one joint account so that the questions of personal belonging don’t arise.

Distrust: Trust among couple not only strengthens the relationship but fasten the bond. Even if one partner is not wrong but have habit of hiding the things from another partner than it serves as relationship killer and generate the distrust. Clearing doubts and misunderstanding arising between partners at proper time shall always make the relationship strong.

How to nurture the trust: Never carry the double image in marriage, perform what you say. If in any case you are getting late from work, spending time with old friends make sure to inform the partner, instead of lying at any point of time. If in any case you fall into an argument or misunderstanding try and maintain patience, since only with a cool mind one will be able to know the right and wrong.

Ups and down: every relationship faces the ups and down whether emotional or physical. However if relationship passing through financial crises or big family problems then don’t blame the partner. Instead support to come out of the negative state of mind and solve the problems.

Confront the ups and down: always maintain the light mood and atmosphere at home to gain the energy to deal with hard time. Never shrink the needs, infact treat them as motivation to deal with hard time. It is very necessary for couple to support each other instead of going weak in hard time. Because one day bad time shall defiantly turned down but impact of weakness shall always remain.