Three Pickup Rules Women Want Men to Know


There are some men who are more successful in picking up women than others. This is not because they are better looking, have more money or are smarter than the rest. There are two characteristics that these men have: persistence and confidence. The fact that some men have these characteristics naturally does not mean that you cannot succeed at all. There are some born Don Juans, but for the rest, following a few guidelines will give you the same amount of success like any other.

You have here some rules that should guide you if you want to be more successful with women. You will sweep them off their feet with your gentleman attitude.

Eye contact before the approach
If you want to see whether you will succeed or not, try an initial eye contact from a distance and see how she responds. If she holds your gaze, or smiles, then go and talk to you’re your chances are slim if she looks away. But you must research first. This will make you know which women are looking to meet men. Those women who are looking around at men will be more receptive than those who are focusing on their friends. The body language of a woman says a lot, so watch out.

Focus on her alone
Make sure you don’t express interest in a woman as well as her friend. Doing this makes you look like a player. You are not serious. Make a woman feel special if you want to pick her up. Expressing interest in her friends is one sure way of not making her feel special. This means taking one woman and sticking to her even if you are attracted to others.

Make her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world
This is a fact. A woman will always go for a man for how he makes her feel. Making her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world will make her feel like seeing you again. In the long run, this will be a very big advantage for you. Her comfort and confidence with you will lead to great benefits during your relationship. But don’t help her over inflated ego.