Things that ruin sex life

Certain skin parasites can ruin your sex life–especially if you’re single. Not to say that if you’re married they won’t cause a living hell either. Fact is that by the time the infected person discovers he’s infected with skin parasites, he’s already infected his partner. And with these skin parasites, the last thing you’d be interested in is sex for you see you’ll be so busy dealing with the itching skin and the biting that you won’t be interested in having sexual relations.

Scheduling Sex – You hear all the time in our busy lives that you need to schedule time for intimacy and could be one of the things that ruin sex life. Taking the spontaneity out of sex isn’t always a good thing. Try making sex a priority without actually taking the time to schedule it. You might try skipping something you usually do and choosing to spend that time with your other half instead.

Housework – Studies show that woman who receive little help around the house have lower sex drives and is one of the things that ruin sex life. Try asking for help around the house. Splitting up the work will also help you have more energy later.

Me time – Spending all your time together can actually be a bad thing and could be one of the things that ruin sex life. Always being together makes it harder for you to get excited over getting to spend time alone together. Don’t give up the things you love to do to just so you will always be together. Spend some time apart so you can enjoy getting to be together.

Dirty talking, not really sure how many enjoy this, but some do. You need to watch what you talk, because for some, this can be a complete put off. When you are on that high ski diving mode, a wrong word can land you flat on the face. If your partner does not enjoy this you can perhaps keep it to the minimum, so as to balance your needs as well as that of your partner’s. While making love does you really pay attention? It is very important that you live through and receives the whole experience in order to know about things that ruin sex life. Be aware of what you enjoy and what you don’t. Pay attention to your partner’s needs. In your pleasure don’t ignore the pleasure of the other. Don’t be the wild stallion running helter skelter, while your partner withers in pain.

If we take for granted that our lover will always be there in our bed with those rosy covers at 8PM with the same Al Green music and the same physical position, it will get boring. A stable consistency will have a ruinous on your sex life. Men, this means you must challenge yourself constantly to come up with new sexual adventures, new locations, new sexual fantasies, new sexual positions, new toys, and new flavors of lubricant. Involve her as well, and encourage her to express her hidden desires. Whatever you do, you should institutionalize creativity and novelty in order to learn things that ruin sex life. Forever.