There Is Acne for Adults, Too


What is acne?

Acne is a skin problem that starts when oil and dead skin cells clogs up a person’s pores. The type of acne a person has can depend on how many dead skin cells are clogged up and the person’s hygiene. For example, if a person has a few red spots or pimples or zits, they have mild acne but if a person has lots of pimples or zits, they have severe acne.

When does acne start?

Acne for adults usually starts in the teenage years, esp. during puberty when hormones are changing rapidly, making the skin more oily. Most people believe that they can get acne from eating chocolate or greasy foods, but the acne can get worse by someone using too much oily skin products that clogs their pores. Acne also runs in the family, if one or more of a person’s family members have mild or severe acne, they are most likely to get as well.

What are the symptoms of acne?

The symptoms of acne range include whiteheads (white bumps on the skin that are collections of oily and dead skin), blackheads (pinhead-sized dark spots on the skin caused by small plugs in pores) and pimples (a clogged skin pore that get infected with bacteria.)

How is acne treated?

A treatment for pimples is generally by cleaning facial skin once or twice a day with non skin-drying soap. Also washing hair regularly helps get rid of acne. Another way to get rid of pimples is by taking over-the counter medicine or using acne pads to clean the facial and shoulder areas.

For more severe cases of acne for adults a more extensive type of treatment is needed like collagen injections (Zyderm) and gelatin implants (Fibrel), which are injected directly into acne scars, causing the level of skin to rise and smooth out.

Chemabraison also can be used to remove acne. It works when two forms of chemicals are applied to the skin that caused it to peel and the scars forming the acne are peeled away. Another type and the most popular form of surgical acne treatment is laser resurfacing. Laser resurfacing works by removing top layers of skin and is produces less scars than chemabraisons and collagen injections.