The World’s Best Skiing Destinations


Many ski lovers worldwide are constantly searching for new hot spots for hitting the slopes and taking in the fresh air. From novice skiers to professionals, everyone who loves skiing has something in common – their love for the sport.

If you are searching for your next ski destination, you may want to check out some of the most popular destination spots for finding the white powdery wonder of fun. If cost is a factor for your next ski adventure, there are a lot of great ski resorts that offer all the amenities of a great skiing experience while taking it easy on the pocketbook.

The following ten ski resorts were ranked most popular for the combination of great skiing and affordable prices and can certainly count among The World’s Best Skiing Destinations:

Apex Mountain Resort
Brighton Resort
Crystal Mountain Resort
Fernie Alpine Resort
Grand Targhee Resort
Loon Mountain Resort
Mount Baker
Waterville Valley

Although these are the top ten, there are many out there that offer all the amenities of quality ski resorts and still are easy on the wallet. No matter what destination you choose, one of the best pieces of advice is to consider taking a pre-season trip versus joining the masses during the most popular times.

A lot of respectable resorts worldwide offer some kind of special and incentives for early snowbirds who can enjoy all there is to enjoy at a resort while not having to spend as much money.

To many ski lovers, they are ready to hit the slopes when the first snowflakes fly. If this sounds like you, try planning ahead for your next adventure and take advantage of the great specials and packages you can enjoy. States such as Colorado and Utah offer skiers a lot in different types of resorts, and depending on where you want to travel, a lot of resorts have optimal skiing conditions earlier in the season than others.

You should also carefully weigh out the locality of where you want to ski, some resort communities are centered around tourism for their main source of income, therefore making the trip more expensive. Instead, try searching for a location that is a little farther away from a tourist trap to save some money and still have a wonderful skiing trip.