The World’s Best Branded Sunglasses


Sunglasses even branded sunglasses or expensive sunglasses are not simply fashion statements, they are essential to protect the eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun, whether on the beach or when outdoors. This makes it important to by quality sunglasses, instead of just concentrating on popular brands that seem to sell well. Buying sunglasses is an important decision and while everyone wants to flash a branded if not most expensive pair, and while style is important so is eye protection.

There is a wide range of branded sunglasses to choose from, some of the best being Ray Bans, Gucci’s, Pradas, Chanels, Bvlgaris and Oakleys.

Ray Bans

Ray-Bans are one of the world’s best sunglasses are best known for their style and quality. They are also formulated to emphasize colours the eyes see most easily, thus enabling the wearer to see the world as it truly is. They are also considered the best brand in the world as the flash coating treatment on the lenses, makes them highly reflective, thus reducing the amount of light that reaches the wearers eyes.


One of the world’s most popular and talked about sunglasses, Oakleys are known for their high-end sunglasses. Though highly priced, they are of the best quality and most dependable, offering protection, quality and style.

Designer sunglasses such as Guccis, Pradas, Chanels, Bvlgaris, Christian Diors et al, they are well-known for their style quotient amongst international high-powered men and women who believe sex appeal is an important part of social interaction. These fashion shades for the fashion conscious, while no doubt high priced and expensive sunglasses are much sought after. Every style conscious diva knows has a pair or two of designer sunglasses, if not more to complete her look of the girl around town! However, men would rather go in for a pair of Ray Bans or Oakleys, though a lot of them also seem to opt for Guccis!


  • Templer

    I would suggest the best sunglasses money can buy are Zeiss sunglasses. But make sure they are the ones which eminated in Germany (glass lenses) not the acrylic ones now made in Italy by Mazzucchelli which of themselves are still very good but not a patch on the German ones!!

  • the best is unique so see what it is