The Rising Trend of Pod Hotels


Pod hotels are not new, but they are fairly new to the United States and are increasing in popularity. Originally starting in Asia, they became a success for hotel industries that are appealing to the thrifty consumers and travelers that are looking for affordable accommodations but do not want to sacrifice quality and style.

The theory behind pod hotels is that although they are small in stature, if they are designed well and stylish, travelers will use them. Even though space and amenities are sacrificed in pod hotels, they make up for it in cheaper rates and uniqueness. Most pod hotels do not have restaurants and staff on board, and some do not have private bathrooms or windows.

Some travelers gladly give up those amenities for the appeal of a much cheaper price tag and trendy appeal of the unique little rooms. New York has started up pod hotels and though they were slow to take off, once word has gotten around, they have been gaining popularity.

Keep in mind, if you are not the kind of person who likes small places and does not like sharing bathroom facilities with other travelers, the pod hotel may not be for you. But if you don’t mind the small quarters and not having luxury amenities and linens, the pod hotel may be the key to affordable traveling you have been looking for.

A pod hotel room can usually save travelers at least thirty percent compared to an average hotel room, and with the rising cost of fuel and cost to travel, they are sure to continue to gain popularity. It is expected that during the summer season when most Americans take their vacations and pack up the car, they will be looking for ways to make up for the expensive fuel costs and staying in a pod hotel can be one way to make that happen.

Most people that have stayed in pod hotels say they will definitely stay at one again, and as they gain popularity in the United States they are sure to be seen in more rural areas as well as big cities.

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