The Right Shade Of Lipstick


The lipstick colour looks good in the tube but when you apply it, it looks so horribly wrong.  You can’t figure out why, but the truth of the matter is that there’s nothing wrong with the lipstick colour.  What is wrong is that you bought it without checking if its undertones matched the undertones of your skin colour.

To ensure that your skin undertone matches that of the lipstick, you must do a little test.  Run a tester lipstick on white paper and see what colour shows up.  For example, pick your favourite brown toned lipstick, and the basic lipstick undertones that show up when swiped on white paper will be as follows:
Red / pink: A warm colour undoubtedly, but also harder and deeperl.  Be careful as it may bring out all the red tones in your skin, as well.

Yellow / orange: A warm, softer colour that looks wonderful on those favoured with warm skin tones.  But, if you are really pale, it will tend to bring out the green / blue undertones in your skin.  Play it safe and veer towards the yellow side, rather than orange, as too much of it can make the skin look grey and dull.

Green / blue: Make your lipstick deeper and dramatic by steering clear of green / blue undertones as you will look like you are standing under fluorescent lighting.

Silver / grey: Great for adding shimmer, softness, depth and easy to spot in the light shimmer lipsticks so popular, today.  Makes a lipstick light and soft, only ensure there is not too much of the blue/grey, as your under eye circles will stand out.

Green: Bemused, but yes it is a trendy colour usually paired with a yellow tone.  While, it will make you look cool and hip, more colour will be required on your face like more or the blusher.

A lipstick rule of thumb is to avoid repeating your skin tone colour in your lipstick undertone.  For example, avoid blue or grey if you have under eye circles, so on and so forth.  Get the idea.  Why wear a red dress if your skin is lobster red.  You’ll only compound the problem, which goes for lipstick, including makeup as well.