The Many Benefits of Celery


Celery is something that we usually only thing about during cocktail hour. Many of us get so used to thinking of it as a garnish for our drinks that we forget that it is in fact a vegetable packed full of all sorts of nutrients and is an excellent food selection for maintaining a healthy body.

The one complaint people have with celery is that it’s flavorless; they claim that chewing on a stalk of celery is like chewing on a mouthful of water. Spreading a layer of peanut butter on your celery will add some flavor to your celery and add some protein to your diet.

Celery Prevents Bone Loss

Celery is an excellent source of calcium. Eating large amounts of celery will help prevent the loss of bone mass during osteoporosis while also raising the level of good cholesterol. The calcium in celery helps strengthen your teeth and chewing on raw celery is an excellent way to clean your teeth.

Celery-an Excellent Snack food

One inch of celery equals one calorie, making celery a perfect snack food when you are trying to lose weight.  While the celery won’t make up for the sugar you mixed into your morning cup of coffee, or the hamburger you had for lunch, it won’t add any inches to your waist. Plus, if your mouth is full of celery, you won’t have room to chew on something else, like a candy bar.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Celery is full of something called pthalide, a compound that promotes a strong cardiovascular system. The pthalide helps relax your muscles, easing the amount of tension on your arteries and blood vessels. When your arteries and blood vessels are relaxed your heart doesn’t have pump as hard, lowering the risk of a heart attack. People who eat large amounts of celery usually have lower blood pressure than people who ignore the bright green vegetable.

The Prevention of Cancer

The acetylenics found in celery will interest people who have a family history of cancer. Research indicates that the acetylenics in celery actually reduce the amount of cancerous cells.

Coumarin is a mineral found in celery that increases the production of white cells, boosting your body’s immune system. People who eat foods that are rich in coumarin are less likely to be diagnosed with cancer.

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  • I eat two heads of celery per day. I use it as you might use crackerbread, that is as a crispy crunch to a flavour filled topping. I find eating celery with chicken or fish is perfect for those wanting to lose a bit of weight, whild also maintaining a healthy diet and not scrimping on flavour.