The Latest In Trendy Sunglasses


You can make the boldest fashion statement with sunglasses this summer. Just as the winter coat you slip into daily, defines your style and who you are, so too does your choice of sunglasses. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest trends in sunglasses, as well as, a guide to the right sunglasses for your face shape.

Cut The Bling
Once a standard with sunglasses, this season, there is less emphasis on bling i.e. Swarovski crystals, stones and large logos are on their way out. Today, the trend in sunglasses, whether designer sunglasses (Gucci, Chanel, Fendi, Oakley, Carrerra) or discounted sunglasses, call for less overt embellishment and more integrated details like enamelwork, laser cut-outs and foil printing techniques.

Colour My World
The same way as one colour co-ordinates handbags to clothes building a handbag wardrobe, similarly you can build a sunglass collection. Begin by buying sunglasses in basic colours like black or tortoise that go with anything and everything. Then, gradually add on colours like navy, purple and red, which have been cropping up a lot in sunglasses. Or, going for a different take, go for coloured lenses in pink, gray or blue. These even work during evening hours, blocking the glare while allowing letting the light in.

Go Big – Jackie O Style
Bling may be out but size still matters. Celebrities since Jackie O have been donning oversized sunglasses to avoid the paparazzi, but the large lenses actually provide the best protection from the sun. Try the pretty butterfly sunglasses from Prada or tag on butterfly icons from Lilly Pulitzer to a pair of plain sunglasses. Christian Dior kicking off the bigger is better trend, offers the squarer look with its Mixt frame, while Balenciaga has just released a debut collection of large, round frames. Shoe designer Jimmy Choo has also got into the sunglass game, releasing an oversized cats-eye version of sunglasses.

The Shape of Things To Come

More or less steady, sunglass trends rarely change season to season. However, finding the right size and shape to suit one’s face is the tricky bit. Sunglasses should be bought keeping the shape of one’s face in mind, fitting the proportions of the face, small frames for small faces and likewise. And, the frame you buy should be the opposite of the shape of your face. Here’s a look at different face shapes to help you find a pair of sunglasses that suit you just fine.

Perfect Oval
For an oval face shape like Jessica Alba, Charlize Theron or Beyonce Knowles, nearly any frame shape works on this face. Experiment with wraparounds, shields, or square frames with gently rounded edges, till you find one that looks stunning on you.

In the Round

If, your face is round like Cameron Diaz, Kyra Sedgwick or Penelope Cruz, wear frames that make the face appear longer and thinner and help balance out a round face. Opt for squares, rectangles the exact opposite of the shape of your face.

Diamond In the Rough

For a cross between a heart and an oval e.g. Katherine Hepburn, Linda Evangelista and Sophia Loren, wear oval sunglasses to soften the contours of the face, while softly curved square frames work just as well.

Square Pegs
Square faces like Demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow and Geena Davis, should reduce the angles with soft, curvy styles that give the face some definition, such as cat-eye styles or classic ovals.

Oblong So Long
Long faced Kirstie Alley, Janet Jackson and Stephanie Seymour need to widen and shorten the face with sunglass styles that do not extend beyond the widest part of the face. They can opt for round or square shapes that look great on this kind of face shape.

Heart of the Matter
Heart shaped faces like that of Michelle Pfeiffer, Ashley Judd and Jennifer Love Hewitt look great with styles, such as, cats-eye, including metal frames with rimless bottoms.

Whatever the trend in sunglasses, try and buy what suits and accents your face perfectly. Being in trend is great, but not at the cost of looking ridiculous! Be smart in your choice of sunglasses, go for sun protection, as well as, a pair that ups your appeal quotient!