The Language of Testosterone


When men talk they don’t say anything! They say that women are hard creatures to understand but what about them? We express ourselves verbally and emotionally but you need an instruction book to figure them out. From a man’s point of view, here are a few things when trying to understand the male species.

The Do’s
They love it when you wear glasses. If you are wearing a business suit and glasses it gives the illusion that maybe your salary is equal to or greater than his. Men don’t want the feeling that you are looking for an easy ride on the money wagon. If they feel that you are of equality then they find that sexy. There is also that sexy bad librarian syndrome to.

Nowadays they don’t like a lot of makeup. Let your natural beauty shine through with a shinny lip gloss. It’s been said that the more the better. Lip gloss is a great way to look super sexy without a lot of goopy makeup.

One man says that lingerie is a must. It is like getting a Christmas present and being able to slowly unwrap it. Look for something sexy but don’t over do it.

The Do Nots
One of our greatest assets is our cleavage. We tend to show them off when we are going out on the town. Just a hint, show a little and save the rest for later. When your busty, trying to hide them can be a little difficult but not impossible. Let them know they exist but don’t over expose.

Be careful of your height. Guys like it when your calves are sleek and sexy looking in your heels. Not mention how great your butt looks. But, don’t get crazy with going to tall. They don’t want to look up at their date and feel like something small.

Last but not least, stop worrying about silk and satin sheets. As long as they are comfortable your guy will sleep like a baby. It doesn’t matter if they are one count or 100 count thread. They don’t know the difference and they really don’t care.