The Health benefits of Soy


You might have heard about soy, but may not be aware of what it really is or how good it is for you. Therefore, this is the time to know some more about soy.

Soybean is the origin of all soy products. It is native to Asia. It is a versatile and complete bean as in that it contains all the essential amino acids and it offers the same protein content as meat, while avoiding fat and cholesterol.

It has a complete protein profile and keeps us, away from cholesterol and the bad fats. It does not end here, it offers a range of health benefits, which are listed below.

Protects the heart
How exactly it does this is not yet known. However, soy helps to reduce the bad cholesterol and hence, the risk of heart disease.

Protects the prostrate
Soy contains an antioxidant called isoflavanones. This is effective in inhibiting enzymes that stimulate prostrate cell growth and hence reduces prostrate cancer risk.

Good for the bones
It keeps the bones strong and resistant to mineral loss in men. In women, it reduces loss of bone tissue lowering osteoporosis in postmenopausal phase.

Ensures healthy colon
There are no studies supporting that soy helps to prevent colon cancer, it keeps the digestive tract healthy, which includes the colon.

Immune booster
Soy is saponins rich. These are responsible for cleaning and warding off microbes, making them great friends of the immune system.

Forms of Soy Foods
Soy is used in a variety of forms. Some common forms are soy milk, soy flour, miso (soy paste), soybean sprouts, soy burgers and hot dogs, tofu, soy nuts, soybeans, tempeh, textured soy protein, soy shakes, pills and protein bars

Recommended amount

It is natural and understandable that you cannot eat soy all day, all year long. However, the FDA recommends at least 25 g of soy protein each day, with 6.25g of soy protein in each serving.

Soy protein is very healthy but it should be combined with other food like vegetables, fruits and such. It can create no miracle on its own. However, when combined with other healthy foods, it will surely work miracles for you in terms of your health.


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