The G Spot Orgasm

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The Female Orgasm

There are many ways for a woman to achieve orgasm. Some women achieve orgasm in different ways such as penile penetration or penis-like stimulation. This can cause some women to achieve orgasm in her vagina. Some women achieve an orgasm through clitoral stimulation. And then there’s the G-spot orgasm.

The G-spot orgasm is the most powerful orgasm a woman can have. To enhance the entire experience of love-making for the female and the male, find out more about helping your female partner achieve the ultimate G-spot orgasm. Search out techniques and experiment until you can bring about the G-spot orgasm regularly.  Both your lives will be greatly enriched with any information you can gain on this topic.

The G-spot location

When the female is lying on her back, insert one finger coated with lubricant into the vagina, and apply light pressure upwards toward her belly. Gently feel around for a spongy area, approximately the size of a quarter. Receive feedback from her, and when you gently begin to stimulate that spot, she’ll let you know. Also, the G-spot usually swells as it becomes aroused. When you have the right spot, you will know you

The Foreplay

All women need foreplay to get started. It may help if you start with a sensual whole-body massage to help her de-stress and relax. Don’t rush. Once she is stimulated and desire overtakes her, slowly and gently slide your finger into her vagina to see if you can locate the G-spot. If she needs coaxing, you can stimulate her clitoris to help her get close. G-spot swelling will make finding the spot even easier to locate. Once it is located, allow her to let you know if she needs to be stimulated with more or less pressure.

The actual orgasm

The G-spot orgasm enthralls the entire body. It’s not a quick shudder and has been known to last an entire thirty minutes. There have been women who have actually passed out after the rolling wave-like feeling subsides. This has been described as a totally euphoric feeling. The G-spot orgasm can also cause what’s known as female ejaculation or “squirting.” There have never been any reports of women losing their lives by achieving this G-spot orgasm. She may faint, but there is no danger involved.

Calling all the Single Ladies!

There is an entire market place out there full of G-spot stimulating toys. You don’t need a man, or any partner to locate and stimulate your own G-spot. Most G-spot stimulators are designed with a curve, and offer gentle vibrations to bring you to the most powerful orgasm ever!