The Future of Male Pattern Baldness


There is a lot of myths associated with baldness. Baldness in men is a common phenomenon, but with the current advancement in medicine it could be cured with certain prescription drugs. Let us look at some of the treatments that will be available in the future.

Follicle rejuvenation
There are two phases in the growth of hair follicles. These are growth phase and resting phase. People become bald when the resting phase is longer than the growth phase. However, researchers at the Weil Medical College of Cornell have found a way of knocking out follicles from their resting phase in mice, and thus causing new hair to grow. When this research is concluded, follicle rejuvenation will become an option for treating baldness in men.

Hair donation
The common hair transplant available now is the one in which hair follicles from one part of the same person is taken and planted elsewhere on the same person. However scientists have successfully tried transplanting hair from one person to another. The hair was taken from the arm of a male scientist and planted on the arm of a female scientist. Some weeks later, hair distinct from her own started growing where the transplant was done.

They say hair follicles are immuno-priviledged which means they will not provoke any immune system reaction when transplanted. But don’t look for someone to donate now because the study will take at least another decade to conclude.

There is still some solution for today’s baldness problems. Some of these are listed below.

Scalp reduction.
This is done by removing a part of the scalp where there is no hair and stretching the place covered with hair. The disadvantage is that the part covered is still capable of losing hair after the operation.

This is the replacement of a bald section of the scalp with a place covered by hair through partial disconnection. It has the same problems associated with scalp reduction.
If you are not interested in any of the available methods, you can just decide to live with it. After all it is natural. Just adopt hair styles that will make up for the loss or try clean shaves.

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