The Eye Makeup


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The eyes are powerful. They can broadcast your emotions and whisper you intentions. They can be flirty and friendly or dark and mysterious.  To use your eyes to your advantage, you have to make them stand out.

For centuries women have been experimenting with different cosmetics to darken, lengthen, thicken the eyelashes and generally enhance their eyes. Eye liner and mascara can define and accent, but the effects are temporary.

Mascara can darken lashes, but if you have short or thin eyelashes then you need something more permanent.

Lengthen and thicken

Eyelash conditioners go a step further than mascaras and other makeup. Unlike most cosmetics, they don’t just add color or layers of product to your lashes to make them look thicker.

Eye lash conditioners actually stimulate growth. Your lashes will not just look fuller; they will actually be longer, thicker, and healthier.

Easy to use

Eyelash conditioners are not hard to use, and can easily be incorporated into your nightly routine. The conditioner is applied before bed and then left on overnight.

Vitamins and minerals in the conditioner are absorbed into your lashes, giving them the energy they need to grow longer, healthier and thicker. Even lashes that are already full and long, can benefit from the use of conditioners. Eye lash conditioners can help healthy lashes remain strong, and become even thicker.

Be natural

Your eyes are sensitive, so treat them well. While selecting an eyelash conditioner, pick your brand wisely. There are many different varieties, and some products contain harsh ingredients that can burn your eyes or cause redness.

Many eye lash conditioners contain salt, for example, which can be irritating to the eyes and skin. For best results, choose a conditioner that is all natural. Eye lash conditioners that are made up of natural ingredients are safer to use and better for your lashes.

The results will be the same as those with the more traditional, chemical laden products, but you won’t have to worry about the side effects the other brands can cause. Always choose an eye lash conditioner that is all natural. Your eyes, and lashes, will thank you for it.