The essentials of a womans wardrobe


womanswardrobe While all of us generally manage to stand out in a group, a few things are common to all individuals.  Style is one such example.  Each of us has our own respective style that makes us unique.

Style reflects attitude and speaks volumes about your personality and character. Despite all this individualism and an independent style, certain personal items are essential, common and almost indispensable to every wardrobe.  Below are a few of those “must have” items for any woman.

Little black dress

To stand out of the crowd at any cocktail party, a chic black cocktail dress with a pleasant and sexy neckline or a stylish cut to the back is an essential part of evening dress.

Any woman looks dazzling and stylish in such a dress.  The beauty of this fashion piece is that it has continued to remain popular and just as acceptable as it ever was.

There’s also no reason why it should fade from the fashion scene in the foreseeable future. This works to your advantage as you won’t have to change it as often.

Pencil skirt.

The pencil skirt is another piece of sleek, feminine clothing.  It is worn to achieve the look of a professional woman or to achieve a look that is casual chic. For a startling effect don’t forget to accessorize your shoes as well.

Marvelously fitting jeans

These days you just can’t imagine living without these. Select jeans with a perfect fit. The perfect fit could look just as sexy as if you were wearing a miniskirt. The comfort of jeans leads to a freedom of movement that is difficult in a miniskirt.

Refined white shirt

A white button-up blouse is an item no woman should be without. Whatever the occasion or mood you are trying to achieve, the item goes well with just about everything. Pair it with jeans or flats for a work outfit or mix it with a skirt and heels for a perfect outfit for a dinner out or an unusual occasion.

High heels

Most of us detest high-heeled shoes. But imagine those important business meetings, extraordinary occasions or a night out with friends without a pair!

A clutch

Properly matched, a clutch looks marvelous with a cocktail dress. Don’t underestimate its utility for carrying indispensable items.

Simple jewelry you love

Complement your style with jewelry. It highlights your personality and may be used to cover up your shortcomings. Buy as much jewelry as you can afford in the form of expensive necklaces or economical accessories to highlight certain aspects of your personality or dress.