The Difference between Sparkling Wine and Champagne


champagne There is a lot you are expected to know when you are in high-class society. You should be able to distinguish the dessertspoon from the soupspoon; you should know all those simple but necessary table manners, and finally you should be able to talk about the differences between sparkling wine and champagne.

All sparkling wines are not Champagne

The first thing you need to know is that all champagnes are sparkling wines, but all sparkling wines are not champagnes. You need to get things clear about this. That is why you have to read this.

Sparkling wine is a carbonated drink

Sparkling wine is a type of carbonated drink. This is because it contains a large quantity of carbon dioxide dissolved in it. That is what makes it fizz like other carbonated drinks like coke and soda.

This carbonation is done during the second stage of fermentation. Normal wines do not receive this kind of fermentation.

Champagne is a registered trade mark

Although champagne is a sparkling wine, you cannot call any other sparkling wine champagne. In many countries in Europe, “champagne” is a legally protected label.

Anyone who labels any other product “champagne” could be sued. The only sparkling wines that can be referred to as champagne are those produced in a particular region of France using a particular process. That particular process is also protected by law. The name of the region is  Champagne.

There are other sparkling wines

It is believed by lovers of wines that champagne is the best known sparkling wine in the world. However, there are other types of sparkling wines that might be even better than champagne.

There is the Sekt from Germany, Cava from Spain, and Spumante from Italy. These are all wines of very distinguished traditions. In addition, there are new traditions developing in other parts of the world such as the Cap Classique from South Africa.

New types in the offing

There are reports that the southern parts of England are becoming suitable for the cultivation of grapes due to global warming. This means that very soon some type of sparkling wine will be produced in that region.

The usual colors of sparkling wines are white and pink. However, there are certain varieties from Australia that are deep red.

Now, if you can’t afford champagne there are other sparkling wines that can give you the same satisfaction. Just go for them instead of the trademark.