The Dangers of Excess Body Fat

Excess Body Fat

The human body is designed as such that it can subsist on only a certain level of fat. Any excess or shortage may lead you to suffer from acute diseases. The increased awareness about the spread and symptoms of these diseases has made people think about adopting ways to lose extra pounds. People can face serious consequences for being overweight. Some significant drawbacks to the presence of extra fat are as follows.

Decreased Resistance
A higher cholesterol level in the body can keep you feeling lazy and lethargic. This is due to the fact that the resistances of your body are decreased and you might encounter diseases related to the heart and lungs. The immune system being unable to properly combat germs slows down your metabolism. Excess fat blocking your veins and arteries affects the flow of blood as well.

Respiratory Problems
Many of the people suffering from asthma and bronchitis are overweight. They face difficulties in breathing. The lungs are forced to work harder. This is again due to the extra fat of your body which blocks the intake of air and limits the amount of oxygen your blood is able to receive.

Cardiac Diseases
You have probably heard of cardiac arrest, when the heart suddenly stops beating, or blocked heart valves. This is due to the excess fats present in the body of the patient. The valves of the heart must exert more pressure to pump the blood throughout the body which stresses the whole circulatory system. Ultimately it can all result in cardiac failure.

Hormonal Disorders
The hormonal system of the human body plays an important role in the production of various secretions which are meant to regulate the main systems of the body. These hormones, if secreted in abnormal quantities, may cause you to suffer from irreparable damages to your personal health.

The sugar level of your blood also helps you maintain optimal metabolic processes. The excess of fat and cholesterol disturbs the contents of the blood and hence the sugar level either creeps up or bows down in such a way that you feel the worst effects of the diabetes. Therefore, if you want to reduce the risk of diabetes, you need to eliminate the excess amount of fat in your body.

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