The Best Wedding Party Menu For Your Wedding


If you are planning your wedding day reception menu, you are sure to be faced with all kinds of choices and selections. There are a lot of things to keep in consideration for your big day, but don’t let the reception menu stress you out, there are options that can be just right for you. The type of menu you decide on can depend on the theme of your wedding, time of your wedding and budget.

There are always the traditional ways to go for having a full dinner menu, a dinner buffet or the cheaper version of sandwiches and salad. But if you are tired of the same old thing and want your day to be special and something to remember for all of your guests, there is something out there that may be right for you. If you are looking to offer your guests something unique, you may want to consider one of the new trends in wedding menus – the cocktail party. The cocktail party menu for wedding receptions consists of hors d’ oeuvres, wedding cake and mini-desserts. You should offer guests about 10-15 appetizers, 2-3 mini-desserts and a very elegant wedding cake.

The appetizers can consist of some of the following ethnic creations:

· Vietnamese Summer Rolls

· Lamp Empanadas with Mint Mojo

· Seared Tuna on Sugarcane Skewers

· Caviche Martini

· Jamaican Jerk Chicken Skewers

· Fore Gras “French Toast”

· Soy Ginger Eggplant

· Parmesan Chips with Bean Puree

Some mini-dessert items to tempt the sweet tooth of your guests include:

· Chocolate fountains with strawberries, wafers, marshmallows and other tantalizing dippers

· Cookie tray passed around with milk

· Retro Sweet Stations such as Twinkies

You also want to offer your guests a cocktail experience unique only to your wedding. A martini slider is an excellent way to add class to your reception. The bartenders carve chutes in an ice sculpture and pour down Vodka and vermouth. The liquors then end up down the shoot into glasses, offering an ideal chilled cocktail.

Top off your cocktail party with an elegant wedding cake and you will leave your guests with a wedding experience like no other.

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