The Best Way to Treat Gout


gout Gout treatment is not new and treating it the natural way has already been around for so many years. The effectiveness of the natural remedies and treatment can never be questioned because of what they have done for many gout patients.

Uric acid is the main reason for the presence of gout. The high uric acid level in the body that also settles in the joints as well as in the muscle tissues causes the painful feeling.

This feeling normally starts in one’s big toe. This is called the condition of podagra. Ankles and heels and the wrists, fingers and elbows also get affected with the high uric acid level.

Uric acid that collects under the skin forms lumps and they surround the joints. The deposits are also called tophi.

Age, diet, weight, exposure to lead and alcohol consumption can lead to having gout. It is also hereditary. Gout is more likely to occur in overweight people because a lot of tissues are prone to breakdown and these can result to the increased uric acid production.

Too much alcohol in the body can hinder uric acid disposal so the risk for drinkers is high. Gout can be aggravated if you are suffering from high blood pressure or cancer.

The good news is that gout can be treated and the most popular treatment is the use of inflammatory drugs that are effective in relieving you of gout pain. However, there can be more natural ways to treat gout.

As always, a healthy and well-balanced diet is very helpful. Get rid of purine-rich foods like meat. The purine contributes to the build up of the uric acid in the body. Drink plenty of water to neutralize your acidity.

Exercise is a natural and effective way to treat your joints. Idleness causes brittleness of the bones and can result to total body weakness.

You should also include in your diet juices of cherry. The juice will help you regulate uric acid production and will help reduce crystal formation in the joint area.

If pain is unbearable and you do not want to take pain killers, the best treatment is to apply ice in the affected area. The ice helps relieve you from pain and the inflammation that goes with it.

Knowing all of these, you are now smarter in managing your gout concern and this, later on, will no longer cause you any worry!

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