The Benefits of Vitamin C


vitaminc We all know that we are supposed to make sure that we get plenty of Vitamin C because it boosts our immune system, lowering the odds of us getting sick. Consuming Vitamin C is fairly safe.

Unlike some other vitamins that have some really serious side effects if we consume to much, the worse that happens with a vitamin C overdose is that we get some kidney stones, not a fun experience but not one that will prove fatal.

Getting Vitamin C isn’t all that difficult. We all know that Vitamin C is found in citrus fruit and if there aren’t any oranges or grapefruit available, all you have to do is stand in a patch of sunlight and absorb the sunbeams. Sunlight is an excellent source of free vitamin C.

What many of us don’t know about Vitamin C is that it does more than just cure the common cold.

Prevention and Treatment of Cancer

One of the things Vitamin C does is stabilizing our cells, allowing them to divide only when they are supposing to. Because the Vitamin C helps control cell division you no longer have any free radicals, the cells typically associated with cancer.

If your body is already producing free radicals consuming vitamin C and iron will actually help your body reabsorb the free radicals. So Vitamin C might not actually cure cancer, but there is evidence that Vitamin C will reduce your chances of being diagnosed with cancer.

Prevent Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is a disease where the blood vessels behind you retinas start to leak because of pressure caused from a build up in protein. Eventually the leaking blood vessels causes our retina’s to get cloudy making it difficult to see. By the time we are no longer able to see, the macular degeneration has evolved to a condition called cataracts. Consuming Vitamin C helps prevent the protein from building up behind your retinas.

Additional Health Benefits

Vitamin C is also good for healthy gums, reversing arthritis, and decreasing the chances of a blood vessel breaking in your brain, triggering a stroke.

Vitamin C and Pregnancy

Consuming Vitamin C can help correct fertility issues, once your pregnant you should speak to your doctor about how much Vitamin C you can consume without having an adverse affect on your child,

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