The Aims of Hatha Yoga


hathayoga Anyone looking for a “quick-fix” to poor physical health and emotional problems won’t find the solution in Hatha Yoga. So why do millions of people worldwide practice the ancient Indian discipline every day?

Truthfully, some people do practice Hatha Yoga for its physical benefits. It strengthens the muscles and makes the body more flexible. However, Hatha Yoga’s true aim is to purify and discipline the body and the mind to reach heightened spiritual awareness.

Also, Hatha Yoga will disappoint anyone looking for that “quick fix” like so many Westerners, because it’s neither easy nor fast. In fact, many instructors contend that Hatha Yoga isn’t about its series of poses, but about what evolves from its process.

Those looking for improved physical condition alone can find it through many other kinds of exercise, such as running, jogging, swimming, cycling, or even weight lifting.

However, many people in the world, such as the elderly or those with physical disabilities aren’t able to pursue such athletics. However, many of them can and do practice Yoga every day.

Hatha Yoga’s accessibility to all people of any age or condition is one of its biggest draws. Those who can’t or won’t perform violent athletic movements find Yoga to be exactly what they need, a kind of “static” exercise.

Physically, the point of Yoga is to attain certain postures and hold them for as long as possible. These postures stimulate certain muscles, organs, and glands to detoxify the body. Gentle, graceful movements are the norm in Hatha Yoga. That’s why it can be practiced by anyone no matter what age, race, sex, lifestyle, or religion.

Longtime practitioners of Hatha Yoga have found that their lives have been deeply influenced by its discipline. Hatha Yoga not only works on the body and mind, but it has an effect on spirit as well.

When their bodies grow strong and their minds become clear, people find that they make different choices in life, even to what they buy and how they eat. Yes, the nonviolent philosophy of Hatha Yoga has even turned devoted meat-eaters into vegetarians.

At its heart Hatha Yoga’s philosophy is to create warriors who build peace rather than wage war. If you want to be, a peaceful warrior in today’s troubled world, then learn and practice Hatha Yoga.

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