Ten Top Bodybuilder Diet Secrets

Bodybuilder Diet Plan

Bodybuilder Diet Plan Skinny and tired look upsets many people and forces them to think about the muscle gaining secrets to enhance the personality. People generally try various tips and tricks which prove to be hazardous for their body as they don’t do it under proper guidance. Some of the worst mistakes committed by people for gaining weight are eating like a pigeon, training like a pro bodybuilder and wasting money on supplements.

Supplements are considered to be completely useless by the fitness experts if taken without a solid diet and training program. The first and the foremost thing to keep in mind while striving for muscle gaining is train harder as well as smarter. One should completely take this thought out of his or her mind that lean structure is due to fast metabolism or bad genetics.

So, for gaining weight, you needn’t worry for the years you remain lean, but just follow the right manner for gaining muscles. The muscle gaining process is not affected even if you have remained skinny all your life. All you need to do for gaining muscles is to follow the right methods in the right manner.

Here are some of the top secrets for muscle gaining which you can follow for building a good personality by gaining muscles:-

Body Builder Diet Tips

Increase Your Appetite

bodybuilding diet secrets

As a person craving for muscle gain; you can only gain weight if you start taking a minimum of 5000kcal per day in regular routine. Milk, pasta, nuts, eggs and tuna must be a part of the diet.

Get Trained and Increase your Strength

Schwarzenegger didn’t gain the strength to Bench 440lbs and Deadlift 660lbs in a day. It required a lot of training to build his physique. So, the best way to increase the strength is by doing heavy and free weight compound exercises.

Give Time for Rest

Training is essential for the growth of muscles, but muscles grow when we take rest and not while training. So, if you go to the gym on a daily basis, the growth and recovery of your muscles is hindered to a large extent.

Maintain Consistency

For gaining muscles, you need to be consistent in your diet as well as exercising schedule. In case, you take 5000kcal a day, but consume only 2000kcal for the remaining week, it will not help you in gaining muscles. In the same way, if you don’t follow a regular gym routine, it will also hinder the muscle gaining process. So, it is of utmost importance to maintain consistency if you wish to gain muscles.

Begin your Day with a Liquid Meal

top bodybuilding diet

Experts recommend starting your day with a liquid meal. You can take 40-60 grams of unsweetened, plain, high-quality whey and add 20 grams of glutamine, 3 grams of the carnitine and 5 grams of creatine monohydrate of your choice to make it more nutritious and effective for your body. After an hour, you can take a sold diet which may consist of steak and eggs.

Take Meals at Right Intervals

People usually skip meals which become the biggest obstruction in weight gaining process. The best option for this is to set a proper timetable when you need to eat. It’s always recommended to have something after every two and a half hours.

Power Nap

Robert Kennedy, the owner of many popular muscle magazines, recommends napping for proper growth of muscles. A good nap must be of at least 20 to 60 minutes. It helps a lot in the growth of the muscles and also gives complete relaxation to the body.

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Consume 50 percent more Calories every Fifth day

If you consume 50 percent more calories once in five days on a regular basis, it increases the muscle gaining process to a great extent. The most important thing to avoid while muscle gaining process is trans fats which has a high percentage in many junk foods and various protein rich drinks.

It is better to use high-calorie foods such as organic oatmeal cookies and protein pancakes with maple butter. The best way to take these extra calories is to consume them on a rest day when you are not training. For your convenience, you can spread these extra calories in six to seven meals.

Ten Top Bodybuilder Diet Secrets

In order to calculate the calories proportionate to the caloric needs of your body, you can multiply your body weight in pounds by 16. For example, if your weight is 200, your body would require 3,200 calories to maintain your weight. So, the calculation shows that you should take 4,800 calories on the day fixed for taking extra calories.

Take BCAAs

BCAA refers to a branched chain of amino acid. As amino acids are the basic ingredients of protein so, it’s also called as the building blocks of muscle. Experts recommend a bottle of BCCA Excellence 2.0 for preventing muscle catabolism. Muscle catabolism basically refers to the breaking down of muscle tissues by the body for using it as a source of energy. You can take 10-20 capsules of this with water if you think your meal will be delayed.

Keep High Calorie Mixture Handy

The best high calorie mixture is a mixture of nuts and dried fruits. You can take two handfuls of this mixture to keep your blood sugar constant in case your meal gets delayed. You can make a mixture of dried fruits, nuts like pistachios, cashews, pecans, Brazil nuts, walnuts, dates, hazelnuts and seeds of pumpkin and sesame.

This mixture not only gives a good amount of quality calories, but is also a good source of various valuable nutrients like selenium from the Brazil nuts, antioxidants from the dried fruits and magnesium from the cashews. You can also add amino acid capsules to this mixture to enhance the muscle building process which is also known as anabolic process.

These tips can help you to a great extent in gaining muscles. Though each tip is extremely effective, it would be very beneficial if you can follow all the tips mentioned above. It will add a lot to your training drive as well as your muscle-building gains.

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