Teeth Whitening Through Herbal Treatment


Learn some techniques to get pearly white teeth through herbal treatment and help make your smile shine. Do you know that smiling is actually an exercise you can do to stretch facial muscles? Yes it’s true. The more often you smile the more you are preventing those wrinkles appearing.

And what could make your smile worth seeing are the teeth hidden behind it. Straight and glowing white teeth can dazzle a person and leave an impression that oral hygiene is valued.

What causes unsightly discoloured and stained teeth? Whitening teeth is a constant effort. Teeth are easily discoloured by everything we put inside our mouths.

But what commonly contributes to the discolouration is coffee, tea, smoking and highly coloured food. Also, without proper dental hygiene, tartar will accumulate which will lead to teeth discolouration and stains.

How can you treat this problem?

Generally, dental maintenance is expensive. However, proper tooth maintenance should be a part of one’s personal hygiene. Regular dental check-ups, cleaning to remove plaque from hard to reach back teeth and living a healthy lifestyle are all important.

Teeth bleaching procedures may also be considered. However, these procedures must be administered by dentists due to the hazards of the chemicals being used.

Also, reduce the chances of stains and discolouration by eating highly fibrous fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Additionally, you can avoid spending your hard-earned money by whitening your teeth using natural compounds. Here’s how.

Effective Herbal Treatment for Teeth Whitening

Sage and green peel of walnuts. These two can work magically in whitening your teeth. Simply use them to polish the surface of your teeth.

Turmeric, oil and salt. Make a solution of turmeric powder with mustard oil and salt, then brush your teeth with it.

Orange, lemon and strawberry. These fruits do not only taste great. The inner part of orange peel can be rubbed on the teeth to make them shiny. You can also dry the peel and combine with powdered bay leaves.

This solution will make your pearly whites even shinier. In addition, juice extract of lemon and salt mixture is a great remedy for yellowish teeth. Another home remedies is the combination of apple cider and white vinegar. Strawberry on the other hand can work alone by applying directly to the teeth.


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