Teaching Children to Read

Teaching Children to Read

Making your child learn to read can be an extremely rewarding experience. There are many parents who may initially be concerned about various aspects and skills that are required to make their child start to read. Making the children understand the technique and skill of reading can be quite challenging and you need to exercise a lot of patience for introducing your child to an absolutely new world of symbols.

You may start by reading some books to your child daily. This way the child will become familiar with books and also with how written words sound when they are read aloud. If the child gets an idea that reading is an important procedure for you, then he will most likely want to learn the same skill himself. While you read a story or anything else to your child, make sure that you move your finger with the words. This way, the child will be able to associate with the print he sees.

When the child starts to get interested in learning letters, then he is ready to start learning to read. Never ever rush while teaching your child how to read. If the child is premature, you will end up being frustrated and there is a tendency that the child may also lose interest. In case your child does not show any interest in learning letters, you may wait for a month and try again. Different children have different tendencies. There are children who may begin to learn letters at an age as early as 2 years while others may not get interested in learning until an age of 4 to 5 years.

While teaching letters, you must concentrate on the sound of each letter. In fact the sound of letter is actually more important then the name of letter itself. Do not rush while teaching your child. Take one letter at a time and concentrate on just that. It may take a day or a week for your child to understand the sound that a specific letter has.

It is important to practice reading on regular basis. The child may need a lot of practice and you may need to opt for different ways of teaching but it is important that you bear patience. Learning to read is an absolutely new concept for a child and it is you as a parent who can make it into a good experience.