Take Care Of Your Weight


It is seen that our appetite level increases during cold weather and that makes us to eat more than the normal consumption. Within no time you realize that you have put on so much weight. Weight issue is very tricky, it is easy to come and slow to go.

Why do we put on weight in winter very easily? The reason is that there is not much physical activity during this time because of the chilly temperature everybody likes to stay inside. We tend to eat much and the calorie gained is not destroyed. The huge accumulation of calorie gets deposited in body.

Therefore, no matter what, you must take care of your weight. Do something that will keep you warm and at the same time you will not gain weight. Take a walk in the evening and work out a bit regularly to make yourself feel light and good. One can become obese and obesity has very big problem for heart patient. Eat healthy but try to control your appetite. Don’t do over eating.

Watch out your food items, they should not be fatty foods. try to grab more of fresh vegetables, like spinach, green leafy vegetables, mustard leaf and Chinese mustard leaf they are excellent fresh green ;leafy vegetables. They are rich in iron and will not make you gain weight too easily.

Fish is also good source of protein and intake of fish will not make you put on weight so much. Eat rich food but less fats of course it is good to take essential fatty acids but not more than this. Already weather is so clumsy and it makes you eat more so you have to restrict your eatings.

Take light food and especially dinner should be light. Go for running in the evening atleast five days in a week. This is sure to benefit your health and will check the weight growth.

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