Symptoms Of Gastritis And The Diet To Follow To Cure It

gastritis problem

gastritis problem Among the various stomach ailments, what is the most prominent and frequently occurring is gastritis. It is the abnormal production and secretion of the gastric and bile juice along with the body’s own antigen that damage the tissues of the stomach. Hence the stomach starts behaving unusually when its functions are altered.

Gastritis is very difficult to identify in the initial stages since it bears almost identical symptoms as that of other minor stomach aliments. But some of the typical symptoms will help you to get alarmed and rush for medical attention.


A feeling of nausea is among the dominant symptoms of gastritis. You will feel like vomiting but, practically nothing as such will occur. This situation will get psychological when a patient comes across things like food, sweets, any strong smell or excess of physical labor. An empty stomach will also experience aggravated occasions of nausea.


Gastritis patients have a tendency to vomiting. This vomit is also in a characteristic nature. It can be occasional or frequent, occurring all through the day in acute conditions.

Generally, when you notice the color of vomit in gastritis has different shades. It can be clear and watery. It can be green or yellow. It can also be blood streaked. In terse situations it can be completely ‘blood’. To explain this in details, a clear vomit is associated with the initial stages of the disease.

But whenever it gets green, you must be alarmed that it is mixed with bile juice, which is also of the similar color. In occasions when it is yellow, it is also a warning the vomit is mixed with other digestive juices and antibodies inside the body.

Whenever you vomiting gets blood streaked or you vomit complete blood, your situation is at stake and your stomach tissues have got damaged. There is no time to delay and you need serious medical attention.


Belching is a process of relieving gas through mouth in situations when an individual feels excess of abdominal gas formation. In colloquial words in can be termed as ‘burping’. Though this is one of the healthy ways of releasing gas and air formation in the stomach and is often used to relieve gas from the babies after feeding, but it seems not to work at all in case of a gastritis patient.


A gastritis patient has a continuous feeling of bloating and fullness in the stomach. Even if he or she takes a small bite of food, there is an abnormal feeling of fullness, as if a lot has been consumed.

There are frequent occasions of bloating of the stomach and formation of flatulence, without any noticeable factor behind its occurrence. No antacid, no home remedies seem to work at all to relieve the patient.

Loss of appetite

Since the stomach always remains bloated and filled with flatulence, so there is a subsequent feeling of ‘filled up belly’ as well. The feeling of fullness in the stomach leads to loss of appetite as the patient always feels that his or her stomach is jam-packed with food and no longer needs to eat anymore.
Stomach pain

Similar to several other conditions of abdominal disorder, gastritis is associated with stomach pain. But this is characterized by a pricking and biting pain that continues for a certain period and subsides again, to relapse in a later period.

Weight loss

Unusual and sudden loosing of weight is a common side effect for any internal disease. This can also be explained as the body’s own mechanism to make you awake that something is cooking up inside you. So, a patient suffering from gastritis will also experience sudden and noticeable weight loss without any explanation.

Diet for gastritis

Diet or specific food regime and regulation on certain other foods play a major role in minimizing the disastrous effects of a large number of diseases; gastritis is also not an exception. If a patient can adhere to a proper and planned diet, suitable for gastritis cases, he or she can get relief from the disease in the longer run.

Food to avoid

It is very essential to identify the food that you should stay away from, when you are suffering from gastritis. You should be careful enough to avoid contaminated food or open and uncovered food that have more chances of attracting virus and other infections that might cause gastritis. Impure water that is not properly purified can also attract such disease causing germs. So, these should not be your choice.

Fluid diet

Since there is infection and even possibilities of ulcer formation inside the stomach, so your initial treatment days must be supported with fluid based diet, like stew, juices etc. the fluid diet will help your body to maintain the electrolysis balance and provide you with energy.

Together with it, fluid diet in the form of various vegetable juice, orange juice, sugar and water concocted drink, water sorbet with molasses etc, will provide your body with the necessary sodium, potassium and sugar, which are required to cure diarrhea conditions during gastritis. But remember, not to go for ready made juices sold at stores, how much big the brand may be.

Soft, easily digestible food

Gastritis is a situation when your digestive system becomes weak. So, hard food or spicy and oily food will be problematic for the stomach to digest, especially, in the initial stages of treatment. Hence, the best recommended diet is soft food that is lightly cooked, home made, baked or streamed and easily digestible. Your diet chart will thus include boiled and mashed apple, ripe banana, steamed pumpkin, clear soup, well steamed rice, porridge.

Avoid dairy products

While suffering from gastritis, patients are advised to discard dairy products from their daily food intake. So, never eat yogurt, curd, milk, butter, cheese, ice cream, cottage cheese. The reason behind this is that gastritis often leads to diarrhea. Dairy products often aggravate the diarrhea conditions further. Be wise and stay away from dairy.
When to start consuming hard food

You can gradually and slowly shift over to hard food when you are under medical mace, taking medicines and treatments regularly, the effect of which will be visible in the reduced intensity of your gastritis symptoms. But again, hard food would not mean you can jump over to normal life immediately. So, start with properly but lightly toasted bread, oats cooked with water, cream cracker biscuits, chicken stew etc.

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