Symptoms Of Depression


Depression manifests in a number of people with its own symptoms. It is not necessary that a person suffering from depression should know about his condition.

The symptoms of depression are commonplace and easy to detect, and yet surprisingly many people fail to notice them. It is better to seek help and guidance before all the symptoms of depression appear. When you notice a person whom you know personally exhibiting an enduring sad face and is not reacting to the happenings around him, it is indicative of depression.

When sadness overwhelms, the person will conclude that there is nothing in life to make him happy. There will be manifestation of a pessimistic and negative attitude, which is another symptom of depression, which can be self-destructive.

Depression often creates a feeling of irrelevance and helplessness. You can observe these symptoms very easily in people who feel like staying depressed throughout the day.  They always feel cheated and they feel happiness can never come near them. Thus, the symptoms of depression are discernible to the layman also; the depressed person suffers a low self-esteem and does not hope to see good times.

Depression affects the mindset of people, denying them the pleasures of life or pursuing their hobbies and interests. Depression thus creates a complete absence of interest in his own self, and denies the person happiness.

Depressed people feel exhausted physically. This symptom of depression is indicative of serious nature of his condition. Obviously, such people suffer from mental trauma and will in due course suffer serious sicknesses, even as their general health deteriorates.

If untreated, depressed people will not be able to understand events around them, and will stay out of focus in their approach to life. Other symptoms of depression like failure of memory, poor attentiveness will set in eventually. Depression can result even due to lack of sleep or too much of sleep. Similarly, eating too much or too little can also be a factor. Do not allow a person to continue to feel depressed, as this is a very dangerous tendency. If this tendency continues for long time, the depressed person can show suicidal tendencies.

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