Symptoms of Blocked Arteries


If you are 40+ and continue to enjoy life in style, it may also be the time to get yourself checked.  For instance, you may be just trying to locate a vaccine shot for H1N1 since prevention is better than cure, and you might suddenly feel heartburn and shortness of breath, apart from the congestion in the chest.

This is a symptom which you should take seriously. Get an ER done immediately – for the simple fact is that the symptoms given above are the well-known symptoms of an impending heart attack.  Once you have your ER done, despite the embarrassing wires and machine, you are assured that you are not in the list. But have you taken stock of the symptoms?  What do they mean?

It is time you understand the signature symptoms of blocked arteries, which may result in a heart attack, or stroke? When plaque builds up on your artery walls, and starts making the arterial walls thick, there will be less amount of blood flowing through, or at times they break off the walls, in the form of blood clots and pass through the arterial system.  When they get stuck, you will have a stroke.

In other words, through deterioration or weakening of the walls of the blood vessels, you have invited Arteriosclerosis. The symptoms of this condition are numbness in the affected area like feet, cramps and pain, followed by coldness in the area.

It becomes extremely dangerous if the blood vessels are leading to the brain, and if one vessel bursts, you could experienced a stroke with loss of a limb or something similar.

How do you avoid this situation?

Keep away from fats and food with cholesterol content.  Dieting is important. Exercising is also necessary to bring back strength to your heart system, and to keep yourself active.  Exercise regimens need antioxidants to be taken in order to check the free radicals in the body. Free radicals can result from the exercises and breaking down of muscle mass.

Try a natural antioxidant like Glutathione, which in fact is produced by our own body. However, when you supplement Glutathione to your diet with an additional quantity, you are likely to benefit more. Thus, for a good heart you should try Glutathione, and its enhancers like MAXGXL.  .

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