Symptoms and Treatment of Panic Attacks


Panic attack is when you feel anxious or intense fear all of a sudden. The symptoms of a panic attack are increase in heartbeat, breathing difficulties, feeling out of control of the situation.

This panic attack can last anywhere between five to twenty minutes. There can be no reason at all for a panic attack and it comes out of the blue, though usually it is caused by too much stress or pressure.

So can you stop a panic attack from happening? Is there anything you can do to help make a panic attack better? Here are some tips that you can try to prevent or reduce a panic attack.

The underlying reason behind a panic attack is stress and tension and the first thing you should do is reduce your stress levels. This can be done through relaxation exercises, yoga or meditation with deep breathing for around fifteen minutes every day.

Caffeine and alcohol affect the nervous system and cause you to be more jittery and worked up; more than normal under their influence. Hence it is essential for you to limit your intake of alcohol and caffeine products. Aim for a healthy, balanced meal that is rich in nutrition and stress reducing. Avoid fatty foodstuff and also sugar rich food.

It is not an individual alone who suffers when he/she has a panic attack, the entire family faces the brunt of it. Usually the family takes care of the person and in the process become frustrated with themselves, get exhausted, feel lonely due to their responsibilities to the sick individual. The entire family can go in for a counseling session called family therapy. This can help reduce the unpleasant feeling prevalent in the family.

Though majority of the people say that the attack lasts for ten minutes or so, it is most likely not more than a couple of minutes. If the individual learns to apply the relaxation technique for this duration, then a severe attack can be avoided. Identifying the root cause of the stress and addressing it is a long-term cure for panic attacks.

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  • Try breathing techiques to calm you down.

    Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth this will help. I taught this technique to my daughter and it really helped her.