Symptoms and Treatment of Leucorrhoea

Leucorrhoea refers to a whitish flow from the vagina in the females and is also known as whites. In most cases, this discharge may be stained with blood, profuse, and smell badly or change in color from day to day.

Leucorrhoea is caused by Trichomonal Vaginities, Cervicitis, crude lifestyle, hormonal imbalance, unhygienic maintenance of private parts, improper diet, injury caused by infection, itching, indigestion, anemia and constipation.

The symptoms of Leucorrhoea can be mainly stated as the discharge from the vagina which is white in color, lethargic attitude, pain at the calves and lumbar regions, constipation, headaches, genital area facing intense itching, irritability, dark circles beneath the eyes, spots on underwear, fetid odor from the vagina and weakness.

When you notice the whitish yellow or milky discharge from your vagina, you must consult the doctor because it can lead to many complications. Take care of your personal hygiene. Wash undergarments carefully so that infections are not spread. Have a good diet taking light and digestible food. Take proper sleep and rest.

Try to practice yoga postures to stop the Leucorrhea flow. Keep away from spicy, fried and uncooked food. Regular exercise should be maintained. Don’t use much of processed foods, fried or greasy foods, condiments, tea and coffee.

Herbal remedy to treat Leucorrhea

Prepare a paste from Mango pulp and put it on the surface of vagina.
• Boil rice in water. Strain water and add a tsp sugar. Consume this liquid.
• Take a liter of water, add 200 g. Ladyfingers. Boil it till the water is reduced to half. Strain and add a bit of sugar. Take sips of 70 ml of this potion at intervals of 3 hours.
• Walnut Leaves should be boiled, till the water is reduced to half. Wash or douche the vagina with this water. It can cure Leucorrhea.
• Soak Coriander Seeds in a glass of water, leave it overnight and drink it on empty stomach next day morning. Repeat this treatment for about a week.
• Boil Guava Leaves and use the water on the vagina for a douche.
• Betel Nut can be chewed after lunch or dinner, to treat Leucorrhea.
• Consume Cranberry Juice daily,
• Eat a Banana twice a day, adding it to Betel Nut, sugar and rose petals.