Symptoms And Causes Of Attention Disorders In Children

Attention Disorders In Children

Many children are being diagnosed with different forms of attention disorders these days. The main form of this problem is known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. A child can either have problems only in being attentive or only being very hyperactive.

Some children may have a combination of both these problems. ADHD is usually caused due to chemical, biological and genetic abnormalities. It was so far only known as a behavior disorder, but doctors now classify ADHD as a medical condition that needs proper treatment and therapy.

Attention Disorders In Children

The condition is usually first seen in kids around their 5th birthday but some children may only manifest symptoms as late as their early teens. ADHD is a lifelong problem that will always cause issues for the affected person but this does not in any way mean that the person will not be able to lead a long and fulfilling life.

The main thing to remember is that timely and effective treatment is crucial for the well being of the affected child.

Symptoms of ADHD  In Children

Restless Behavior

The child will always seem to be restless and squirmy. He or she will be unable to sit in one place for too long without moving around.

Restless Behavior

Many kids run around with no particular activity mind and may also keep touching anything and everything in sight.

Nonstop Chatter

Such kids also tend to talk constantly and incoherently. They may flit from one subject to another in a matter of seconds without any obvious relation between the two.

Focus Issues

Focus Issues

ADHD affected kids have a lot of problems when it comes to focusing on one task and completing it. They find it very difficult to sit and concentrate for too long.

Exceptional Abilities

This problem comes with a silver lining because most of these children are blessed with exceptional abilities. Such kids are known to be gifted in some field or the other like music, dancing, mathematics or science.

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Causes of ADHD in Kids

There are several factors that can cause a child to have ADHD.

Genetic Factors

Genes and family history play a very major role in increasing a person’s chances of having ADHD. It has been seen that children who have one or more first blood relatives with the problem may have a 75 percent chance of being affected by ADHD.

Developmental Factors

The brain and nervous system of such children seems to develop very differently as compared to normal children. This is why they have attention and behavior problems.

Developmental Factors

This usually happens when the growth of the fetus is hampered within the womb or the child is exposed to adverse conditions in the early months after birth. Kids whose mothers drank alcohol or smoked during pregnancy are at a very high risk of having ADHD.

Dietary Factors

The diet of a person may also lead to ADHD, but this is a very rare possibility. Some doctors believe that foods that are in high in preservatives like sodium benzoate and artificial food colors can sometimes cause nuero-behavior problems in young children.

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