Swollen Testicles – No Balls About It

Swollen Testicles - No Balls About It

At some point in their lives, most men suffer from swollen testicles, or “blue balls,” which for those men who go through that ordeal, it is no fun. What is the cause or causes of swollen testicles? One reason for the cause of “blue balls” is when the epididymis swells up, which is caused by cysts or by an infection and should be treated with prescribed doses of antibiotics.

Another cause of swollen testicles is when the fluid accumulates around the testes, causing them to swell. Hydrocele usually occurs in middle aged and older men, when their testicles becomes inflamed and or injured. This occurrence is usually not painful but they should see a doctor if the pain and/or swelling continues to grow.


Another cause of swollen testicles is when there is an infection on the testicles caused by the mumps, called orchitis. Orchitis usually occurs in childhood and usually goes away like the mumps but orchitis can also be caused by a viral or a bacterial infection and a doctor should be sought if this occurs. Another cause of swollen balls could be the occurrence of cancers that cause the swelling. When there is a lump present on the testicles, you should consult a doctor immediately.


Swollen testicles also can be caused by excessive “exploding” of the testicles, which usually happens when a guy either has too much sex or suffers from frequent masturbation, which causes the testicles to be drained of semen, also causing the testicles to swell (to not to nip it in the bud too much.)

For testicular cancers, it usually occurs in males between the ages of ten and over sixty and the cancer is likely to appears when the testes does not go down into the scrotum the right way.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Swollen testicles can be prevented by eating the right kind of foods like vegetables and meats. If you ever have a lump on your testicles or if it is swollen, please see a doctor right away, for it could be a matter of life and death.

  • R.K.Sharma

    My left side testis is swollen little bit, but thier is no pain in any form OR during any activity. This thing happened from last 2 to 3 months, but no hinderance are thier during my personal relationship with wife. The semens are thick, viscous and some times quantity is large OR little.

    Kindly advise me on this reagrds
    Thanking you

  • sameer

    my left ball is swallowen and it pains a lot .. and i guess it happennd bcoz of exessive explosion.. now i m taking antibiotices and pain killers …., do this can occur ever again in course of life and will this affect my sex life in future.

  • Hello. I am obersity man, more fat below onwards. My testis use to get warm, buttock
    also warm till my feet daily. I urinate frequently at nite. My male sex life is weak. I am 50 years old. i’ve been survering this for 9 years. Please advise me. Thank you.

  • njabulo

    i have entered the second month with a swollen testis. initially i was feeling great pain but now the is no pain and the testis has turned into a hard solid. please advise

  • my testcles swollen over nght i have no sex before please heilp am 35 years old thank you.

  • Samuel Gerashchenko


    I am 12 years old, and both testicles are extremely swollen, along with my foreskin. Please help. I have used an old remedy, where I compress boiled grated radishes, and apply them. That did not affect anything. Please help.

  • Aaron

    I did my physical examination recently and my Doctor noticed that my right testicle is swollen, he ordered an ultrasound which became embarrasing for me because the nurse was a woman and half way through I started having a hard on. Anyway, the result is a retention of fluid or Hydrocele according to my Doctor, he has prescribed an anti-biotic which by the way is expensive. Can I use Tetracycline instead of this Vibramycin and Will this just drain the fluid away or what? It’s not that bigger than it’s twin brother though. I think I do feel a little pain now that my attention is drawn to it.

  • gregory

    mt right ball is swollen and im 13 and it hurts like a bitch

  • jim

    i am 25 years of age,, I never had sex in my life nor i masturbate but still my testicles are swallowed and hard and it pains a lot,even sometimes i cannot stand straight.,also while wearing pents anyone can easily notice my penis due to swallowed testicles. i feel very embarrassed and dont know wht 2 do.. plz guide

  • Rigo Toledo

    Please help I’m 13 and my right nut is swollen I woke up with it normal but in pain when it moves then later when I got home from school I noticed it was swollen and I have pain when it moves and when I touch it to see if it still hurts please help do I need to see my doctor


    Ok so I’m 15, 16 in a few months and around yesterday my foreskin area and right testicle began to swell up and so far I’ve managed to bring it down by putting sudocrem on it which is a antiseptic healing cream, it still hurt to tuch them at the moment. Please advise further action. Thanks.

  • Arif shaikh

    I don’t know!! I have been at my aunties funeral.. Suddenly m feeling uncomfortable and icing like… After I watched at home. I don’t know how my right testicals get swell?? Totally now. M panic.. Plss!! Help me.. I didn’t masturbate since since last month.. I didn’t do anything.. Den how it happened.. Plss suggest me what to do is it serious.??

  • Honey Sharma

    hi I’m also suffering this kind of problem, any suggestion plz

  • Joseph Mason

    If your testicles are swollen… go to the doctor.. just common sense. But you can use a creme called Man1 Man Oil to soothe the pain. This creme contains both Vitamin E and shea butter… both are great for an injury like this. Hope this helps.