Swimwear to control a bulging tummy


swimwear Swimming is most preferred exercise particularly by women to help shape and tone their bodies. Particularly suited for hot climes, swimming is known to be an all round fitness regimen that involves each and every part of the body. Though swimming is exhilarating, one major hurdle is swimwear. It is especially dreadful for those who have plump body or a bulging tummy. This is taken care of by varied swim suits designs that help control tummy and make one look slender.

Tummy Control Swimwear

Tankini is a 2 piece swim suit that has a long top and extends right up to end of torso. The lower half is designed as regular briefs. It covers the entire area and has a tummy control panel that streamlines the lower half of body, giving a smooth and sleek shape. This swimsuit is suitable for those who wish to hide their tummy.

Skirtini is another design similar to tankini, featuring a skirted bottom and a bikini underneath. It covers the stomach area and solves the problems of broad hips, upper legs and bottom. These designs best suit people with protruding tummies and a plump lower body. The tankini style swim wear offers a tummy control panel; the bikini bottom offers a support panel to make the lower half appear slimmer.

Shortini is the kind of swim suit that proves helpful for a figure-flattering effect. It has a tank top, a pair of baggy shorts which is attached to bikini bottom. This is an ideal swim suit for those who are self-conscious while wearing swimwear. It is extremely comfortable to the wearer and conceals trouble spots all over the body.

Suplice swimsuit suits those who dare to try something different other regular swimsuits. Targeted at those women who wish to hide their belly, this design provides the same comfort of a normal swim suit. This design has a wrap-style bodice that includes tummy control panels.

The tummy control swim suits are ideal choices for hiding flaws. They may also be used to accentuate assets if the design is chosen with some thought and understanding of your body.