5 Super Foods That Relieve Hemorrhoids

Super Foods That Relieve Hemorrhoids

Super Foods That Relieve Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are inflamed and swollen veins in the anus and lower rectum. Usually caused by strained bowel movements due to constipation, hemorrhoids may occur on account of increased pressure on the veins, during pregnancy and at childbirth.

Obesity, a poor diet routine and lack of physical exercise are other contributing factors. Hemorrhoids cause itching, severe pain, discomfort and in extreme cases, bleeding. They are recurring, hence it is advisable to have foods that specialize in hemorrhoid relief and prevention.

Foods That Relieve Hemorrhoids

Foods containing high content of dietary fiber and water are the best for hemorrhoid relief. Dietary fiber results in soft stools which can easily pass through the intestines and rectum without strain, eliminating constipation. This prevents new hemorrhoids from cropping up and causes less discomfort to existing ones, allowing them to heal on their own. Here is a useful list of the best hemorrhoid taming foods.

Vegetables And Fruits

Vegetables And Fruit

Green peas, Okra, beans, beets and spinach are fiber rich vegetables. The fiber absorbs water, adding mass to the stool which makes it pass through the intestines faster. The slimy mucilage of Okra lubricates the intestinal tract, facilitating the passage of stool in an easier way. Fresh beets are rich in iron and fiber. They help replenish hemoglobin in blood, if hemorrhoids are bleeding. Spinach is a good source of magnesium, which is required for healthy bowel movements.It is rich in iron and cleanses the intestinal tract. Cherries, blueberries and blackberries, are excellent hemorrhoid healing fruits. They are concentrated in anthtocyanins which repair the blood vessel walls in swollen veins reducing pain to a considerable extent. Figs and apples are fiber rich and hence good laxatives. Papayas are rich sources of many active compounds including ‘Papain’ that ease constipation and heal hemorrhoids.Vegetables and fruits are enriched with minerals, vitamins and fiber. Including these in your daily diet will speed up healing of hemorrhoids.

Juices And Fluids

Juices And Fluids

Drinking 7-8 glasses of water daily is a must for people suffering from hemorrhoids. Fluids like fresh fruit juices and herbal teas can be taken to keep the body hydrated and digestive system functioning well. Ample consumption of fluids is necessary for a high fiber intake. Our body needs more water to digest fiber. Drinking less water when having fiber rich foods will result in severe constipation.

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Whole Grains

Whole Grains

Oatmeal, brown rice, barley and whole grain breads are rich in micro nutrients, protein and soluble fiber. Daily intake of whole grain foods is a must. They keep the intestines and gut healthy, allowing hemorrhoids to heal faster.

Probiotic Foods



Yoghurt, buttermilk, Kefir and cottage cheese are foods rich in probiotics. These are bacteria that promote a healthy digestive and immune system. Probiotic foods help in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Edible Oils

flaxseed oil

Include flaxseed oil or olive oil in your daily diet. Add these oils to salad dressings and soups. They are good laxatives. Additionally, taking fish oil capsules after a meal will also help in good bowel movements. These oils are potentially effective remedies for chronic constipation, one of the main causes of hemorrhoids.