Sunlight can prevent pre-eclampsia during pregnancy


Pre-eclampsia contributes towards various complications that occur during pregnancy. It is mainly a disorder which has many symptoms like increased blood pressure, swelling, retention of fluid in the body and weight gain. It affects almost all pregnancies and is also responsible for 15% of deliveries with premature babies. Although there are no cure and medicines available for this kind of disorder but doctors cure it by keeping a watch on the patient on regular basis so that he can control the symptoms and protect the fetus. In cases where pre-eclampsia is in advance stage the patients are asked to get delivery earlier before labor date to save both mother as well as the baby.

In recent researches it was found that those women’s were more exposed to this disorder that had low content of vitamin d in their early pregnancy days. The pregnant women’s who have lower percentage of vitamin D are more prone to have auto immune Disorders like diabetes, asthma and thyroid disorder. Lesser calcium is deposited on bones of babies whose mother have deficiency of vitamin D during pregnancy period.

Sunlight is an important source of vitamin D and it is easily available and that to free of cost. Sunlight is very good for pregnant women especially during early periods. It prevents the women’s from getting prone to pre-eclampsia. Pregnant women are exposed to sunlight they have lesser chances of getting Symptoms of Pre-eclampsia.
Vitamin D is available in many foods also like fatty fish for those are non veggies and in mushrooms also for veggies. It is also available in Eggs, Milk, cereals, milk products and bread.

Pre-eclampsia is a disorder which is dangerous for both the baby as well as the mother. On exposure to sunlight sunrays enter the skin and it is readily absorbed by the body which helps to reduce the risk of getting prone to a disorder which is not good for both mother as well as the child. It is very important for women to take proper care of themselves as well as their baby during pregnancy.