Sunglasses for 2008


With spring in the air and summer around you, everyone is making a mad dash outdoors for some sunshine and sporty look. On the way out, grab your sunglasses to help protect your eyes and at the same time, to boost up your style.

The year 2008 has brought some fresh options to the world of shades: The focus is on advanced, subtle frames and refined, graduated glasses. So, for those among us ready for a betterment with upgrade, here is a time to explore at some of the best 2008 sunglasses; and to offer something for anyone — at any price point — we can have the liberty of providing similar 2008 shades that have the same amount of cool, but sport with lower price tag. Giorgio Armani Double Bridge Aviators are such among them that may range around $265 that is happening style nowadays.

Oliver Peoples Aero Sunglasses are two fashion icons collide in the Giorgio Armani Double Bridge Aviators. Armani, famous for his sleek sophistication, comes up with his signature touch to a style of shades that is an all-time staple in men’s fashion — aviators. The particular pair of 2008 sunglasses establishes the suave, masculine appeal found in simple lines and classical design.

Hollywood’s elite clamor to Oliver Peoples for the best in chic, high-fi shades; the Aero aviators demonstrate it proudly. Fashioned that is based on smooth metal and in-the-moment gradient lenses, such shades offer a superbly posh image. When you couple their high-paced appeal with their hidden-away comforts, the Aeros can make any average buddy looking like a big-shot man-about-town!