Summer Hair Care Tips For Dandruff And Oily Hair

summer hair care

summer hair care Dandruff and oily hair are a bit tough to manage and especially during summers. The heat makes us sweat and heavy sweating makes our hair more dirty and sticky and on top of that if you have oily hair then it is more difficult to take care of them during summers.

The dust and dirt sticks to them very easily and it is very tough to keep them clean during summers. A summer is the season when the sebaceous glands become more active on our scalp and secrete a lot of sebum which make sour hair more sticky and oily during summers.  When the scalp remains dirty it starts producing dandruff and it starts sticking to our scalp due to oil in the scalp.

This sticky dandruff if not taken care of leads to itchy scalp and ringworm infection can also develop during summers which will cause excessive hair fall. So it is very important to take care of hair during summers and keep them perfectly clean because everyone wants to sport beautiful and glossy hair to look beautiful.

Daily hair care routine

During summers you should clean your scalp and hair with nice shampoo twice in a week and if you are a working woman and move out in the sun then your scalp will get dirtier so you should wash your hair three times in a week.
Conditioning is also very important for all types of hair and a good conditioner should be applied once in a week to keep your hair healthy and untangled.

If you wash your hair more than two times in a week then use a mild shampoo like an herbal shampoo or a natural shampoo is best. The conditioner should also be mild and if possible you can use a good hair mask which is available in market.

If you have dandruff problem then always use an anti-dandruff shampoo. After applying shampoo and conditioner always rinse them with water thoroughly so that no shampoo is left on your scalp. Any shampoo or conditioner if left will give rise to more dandruff.

Always try using herbal based shampoo because detergent based shampoo will give instant cleaning but too much use of these shampoos will harm your scalp. Always apply conditioner to the hair lengthwise and never to the scalp and the right way to apply conditioner is on wet hair when they are drip dry means no water should be dripping from your hair.

Apply hair mask on your hair after every 15 days. Using hair mask will help in cleaning your scalp and it will remove dandruff from hair and reduce the oiliness too thus your hair will not look sticky.

Remember to wash your hair with cold water always because hot or warm water will make your skin more dry thus producing more dandruff on your scalp. So cool or normal water is the best for rinsing your hair.

Quick natural hair care tips

Mix some lime juice or amla juice in your shampoo and then wash your hair with this shampoo. After washing your hair you will notice that your hair will be free of dandruff and oil is also reduced and it also gives a new shine to your hair.
Vinegar also reduces dandruff so just dilute it with water and apply on your scalp. Rinse it thoroughly this will remove dandruff from scalp and make it clean too.

Take some fresh curd and beat it into a smooth paste and apply it on your scalp. Wash your hair after half an hour and just see how the dandruff is gone and it will give coolness to your scalp too. Dryness of scalp produces dandruff and too much oily skin also produces dandruff so curd will keep the skin of scalp balanced and prevent dandruff.

You can mix curd with gram flour and apply this paste on your scalp is should be applied for half an hour and then rinse it. This paste is effective in reducing the oil content in your skin. You can add a pinch of turmeric to it so that if any bacterial infection is growing on your scalp it will kill them.

Mix one egg white with half lime juice and three tablespoons of coconut oil and apply this in the roots of your hair. Then wash your hair with shampoo after half an hour. This will make your hair shiny and clean.

Before taking bath you can steam your hair once in a week to clean your scalp properly. Steaming helps in removing the dirt and dust particles lodged deep inside the scalp pores. So before steaming massage your hair with a nice oil and then dip your towel in warm water and then wring the towel and then wrap it around your hair for 3-4 minutes and  repeat it 2-3 times . This will clean your scalp very nicely and no dandruff will be left to trouble you anymore.

Home-made Hair Mask

Soak four tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in water for overnight. In the morning add some water and grind them into a smooth paste. Now massage your hair with hair oil and if olive oil is available then it is the best for hair. The apply this paste in the scalp and root hair. Let it dry for half an hour and then rinse your hair properly with cold water. This hair mask will make your hair glossy and shiny. You will yourself feel that the scalp skin has become very clean and less oily.

Thus by using these easy homemade tips you can take care of your hair very nicely and keep them dandruff free this summer. Oily hair will give a nice fresh look without any stickiness this summer by using these healthy hair care routine. Moreover keep track of your diet too. A healthy diet will keep your hair healthy too. So it has to be a perfect combination of diet, exercise and hair care routine which will make your hair silky and shiny which everyone will envy.

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