Successful Married Life: Ideas For Committed Couples

successful married life

Happy married life brings satisfaction and with that contentment in life a committed couple can face any critical time together. However for blissful and successful married life both partners have to contribute equally. Here go some ideas for committed couples.

Provide Space: “Lifestyle changes after marriage” in order to change this stereotype statement, accept the independent personality of partner. Some time to make the partner happy another one changes him or herself but with growing time faces the server syndrome of personal identity crises, dissatisfaction and frustration. Under these circumstances it is necessary to provide space to partner and help them maintain their originality.

Never shy in saying sorry and thank you: Some time day starts with many faults, office cloths not ironed, got late in serving the breakfast, husband’s laptop not shut down properly last night. But there is very cute solution to all, say sorry and apologize for spoiling the day start.

Also when you have been given special treatment never fail to say thank you. Husband or wife providing glass of water or making the bed at night, since you are too tiered after long day say thank you. These small things will augment the respect for each other.

Maintain Sexual intimacy: The most important issue in marriage is sex, but still not many couples discuss the sex very openly. Leave behind the traditional way of thinking, where husband is dominant in sex and wife always hesitate in expressing the sexual need. Communicate each other sexual need and desires; try to fulfill them, this is fundamental for successful married life.

Criticism should be in very soft and positive manner: If your partner has numerous positive points, they must be having some negative aspects too which you wish to change. Hence be suggestive in your way of conveying the negative points rather than criticizing in harsh or extremely straightforward manner.

Keep partner update: If you coming late from work, getting promotion, inviting friends for dinner or planning new furniture in home; your partner should be updated first.  This way they will feel special, relationship nurtures and intimacy grows.

Listen to complains rather than neglecting: If your partner complaining about any of your family member or your friend, listens to their complaints rather than neglecting or tying to prove others right. By listing you are respecting the dignity of your partner and they will respect you all the more for lending your ears and showing concern.