Stop Sneezing The Natural Way

Stop Sneezing The Natural Way

Stop Sneezing The Natural Way

Sneezing or sneezing bouts are quite often an allergic yet defensive mechanism deployed by our immune system to counter an allergen, though harmless in most cases, invading our body.  People with allergies sneeze as a result of an irritant chemical released into our nose called histamine when they come into contact with allergens like dust mite, pollen or when they have a cold.

allergic to dust

More often than not sneezing is caused due to a tickling sensation inside our nose from a runny nose when we have a cold. On other occassions, some people sneeze because they are , pollen from some plants, dander from pets, or exposure to light or cold air. Sneezing allergies can be effectively dealt with naturally, through some handy and hassle-free remedies.

Vitamin C

and Vitamin E can provide relief as the former is a natural antihistamine and the latter, an antioxidant. Antioxidants combat free radicals which cause allergies. Vitamin C can be found in citrus fruit and broccoli whereas whole grains and spinach are rich sources of Vitamin E. An easy way to get rid of allergens is through rinsing or flushing away allergens using saltwater. You can use your cupped hands or a neti pot to get the desired result.

lukewarm water

Mix a quarter teaspoon of non-iodized table salt into a cup of lukewarm water and pour it into a neti pot or scoop it in your cupped hands before proceeding to use the water to drain out your nostrils one by one by allowing it to run through your nostrils. Nettleor Urtica dioica from a family of fibrous herbs found mainly in tropics and subtropics, is a natural antihistamine. It can be consumed with tea or in a medicinal form found in capsules.

orange juice

Since prevention is always better than cure. Having lots of orange juice , keeping your nostrils clean by blowing out mucus, limiting contact with infected individuals, staying clear of polluted or dusty areas, using less of carpets in your home and generally keeping your home clean are few of the preventive measures one can take to ensure allergens do not trigger regular allergic sneezing episodes.

Jiji Thomas