Spice Up Your First Night With Latest Lingerie

Spice Up Your First Night With Latest Lingerie

Ladies add spice to your most beautiful moments by wearing chic and sexy brassier. They say marriage is the most blissful thing that happens in one’s life, so make it more exciting and colourful by picking up the sexy trendy lingerie. Quite often out of shy women end up sitting with old and outdated lingerie.

Give your partner a surprise and impress him. Married life is all about adding and making each day with new ideas. Wedding night comes once in a life time; don’t miss it to put spices. Choosing different designs of lingerie will help your first night more erotica.

Cotton Lingerie

Here are catalogues to help you to find out your choices. Plan out according to your body shape and sizes. They are available in every colour and fabrics. If you are lover of cotton fabric you can apt to. They have beautiful collections while making you feel comfortable and hot. Cotton lingerie is said to be free from any skin races and other ailments. They are made from high qualities of fabrics.

Embroidered Lingerie And Laced Lingerie

If you want to look more sexy and hot in the first night, you can go for embroidered lingerie and laced lingerie. They are available both in fine fabrics and in a various colour. The choice of colour should be made according to skin colour. Don’t make your day an awful by choosing the wrong matching chic colour.

Fancy Lingerie

If you want to freak out then fancy lingerie will be the right choice for you. Orange colour range would be just too sexy. They are easily found in the market and are made of fine quality. Beside, you can go for silk and netted lingerie and floral print. They could be the prefect fitting for the specila night. There are fashionable lingerie too if you are willing to go for it, you are not stopped. Hence make your day a memorable and cherishable. Lingerie is the perfect spice for the night.

  • Meena

    I was 19 our group had gone to lonavala on a rainy day with 5 boys & 6 girls we were staying in 3 rooms
    Early morning we had plans to go to karjat from lonavala me & one of the boy missed the train so wey decided to go back to the room while returning from station we were totally wet in the rain when we came to our hotel room
    I had no spare clothes my clothes were in the other room
    So I decided to call for a bath towel
    & went for bath
    When I came back from bathroom Amit my friend was also in bath towel
    He was staring me came near & took my hand & kissed my hand I was so shaken I lost all my senses after a while I came to know I am totally naked in his arms
    Didn’t know what to do
    Slowly Amit started kissing on my neck
    He started begging me for my love
    Even though I was not comfortable subconsciously I started kissing him
    We both were hot he started sucking my boobs & my belly button & went down started hugging me & licking my whole body
    I was not in my senses he took me under the shower in the bathroom
    Tried to penetrate me but was unsuccessful twice
    It was noon by then we were very hungry
    But cud not go out to have food
    So he wore his wet clothes & went to buy food after having the food we again indulged in petting & kissing
    This was my first sexual experience
    We were in madly in love after that
    After about three years we got married
    Now with a 5 year old baby even now we share the same fun