Spa Facials For A Glowing Skin

Spa Facials For A Glowing Skin

Spa Facials For A Glowing Skin The advertisements which show a serene atmosphere featuring relaxed people is not an illusion but a peek into the world of Spa facials. The treatment helps in cleansing the skin and giving it a natural glow. You may consult an esthetician, a skin care specialist who has gone through a professional training program in the field of skin care if you plan to go for a spa facial.

Spa Facials address a variety of skin conditions, such as problems related to acne, sun-damaged skin, and dehydrated, dry or oily skin. Facials lasting for 25 minutes are express facials, whereas  basic facials typically require 50 minutes. Other special facials last up to 2 hours. With the different options available, the steps also differ.

Procedure of Spa Facial

You start by cleansing the face by massaging it with cleansing milk or lotion. This is removed with the help of facial sponges or cotton pads and warm water. Eyes are covered with moistened pads and during this time, the esthetician assesses your skin type. The next step is to use an exfoliation cream, mask or gel to dissolve plugs causing blackheads. Steam is used during this phase or after removing the cream. Spas also use moist towels to ensure that impurities caught in pores can be sweated out.

Extraction is a very important stage of a spa facial, as it entails removal of whiteheads or blackheads, post which a facial massage is done to help in skin lubrication. The massage helps by relaxing your taut body muscles. After this, a mask pack is put on your face for ten minutes during which the surgeon may massage parts like hands, foot and scalp. Lastly, the esthetician will apply a skin-specific cream before you leave with a radiant and softer skin.

Choosing a Good Esthetician

One should always consult friends for suitable recommendation, but else, there are a number of ways in which you can select an esthetician. A stickler for cleanliness and sanitation is one of the first and foremost prerequisites of choosing a good esthetician.

spa facial procedure

The person should be able to answer all relevant queries and give suggestions on how best to take care of your skin. Another important thing is that the person should be able to do the procedure without causing too much discomfort and is responsive to your pain threshold.

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Types of Facials Available

Depending on the type of skin you have, your doctor would suggest one of the following spa facials. These are acne facial, anti-ageing facial, custom facial, exfoliating facial, fruit-acid facial, galvanic facial or a sensitive skin facial. There are other special spa facials like facial for men and teen facial.

Home Spa Facial

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But if you are not able to afford a facial spa, you can always try and make home spa facials which can also leave you feel refreshed.

Some of Them Are

The All-Natural Chocolate Facial Mask is used for normal skin and leaves your face soft and smooth. The cream and honey add moisture, and the oatmeal sloughs dead skills, perfect for smelling romantic and deliciously edible. This can be rinsed after ten minutes, leaving the skin glowing.

Apple Pie Spa Treatment Skin Polish

With 85 % water and rich in potassium and vitamins A and C, apple is extremely useful for removing dead skin cells and surface dirt.

Papaya Rejuvenation Home Spa Skin Refresher

Papayas are also full of water, making a great spa facial. You should go for a spa facial about three to four times a year. However, if your skin is sensitive, then you should reduce the frequency.

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