Solution for premature grey hair


One fine morning your mirror scares you by showing grey hair on head. It will definitely give a shock and you will start doubting about your age too. What bigger nightmare can anyone expect more than this? It is quite natural for any body who starts having grey hair all of sudden. This will create tension to all those who are under age group. This means they are below 25 years of age. According to the experts, they are categorized into two groups. One develops grey hair as they age and it is very natural for them and the second one is those who fall below 25. They are under premature group.

There are many reasons and causes for this case. It can be caused due to too much use of chlorine in water and if you are in frequent hair colouring. Besides this, it can be due to stress and disease called leukotrihia.

There is always a basic thing to learn for every problem. Once you are acquaintance with the root causes then it becomes easier to search for the solution.

The foremost thing you ought to do is understand your body behaviors. That is, if you indulge too much into colouring your hair, immediately stop it and start taking precautions. Using colour is affecting your hair then its better to avoid it. You can also go for henna if you want colour so much. Henna will protect or cover your grey hair.

There are vitamins available; you can go for them as well. Before you take vitamins own your own it will be wised enough to consult your dermatologist. Take the prescription and start the medication. Try doing exercises; they are best supplement to erase tensions. Stress is also the main cause of premature grey hair. Take preventive measures to get away from the problem.

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